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Sighthill Drone Footage August 2019

Sighthill Drone Footage July 2019

Sighthill TRA  Community Fun day June 2019

Sighthill Drone Footage  June 2019

Sighthill TRA Drone Footage Update: October 2018

Sighthill Big Day Out June 2018

Sighthill Signing Ceremony 28 March 2018

Sighthill Community Engagement Event 29 November 2017

A fly through showing a vision for the new housing development in Sighthill.

St Rollox Church Sighthill Design Proposal

Sighthill Update September 2017

Sighthill community BBQ, part of the Summer Days Holiday Programme facilitated by New Rhythms for Glasgow.

Sighthill TRA Drone Footage January 2017

St Stephen's at the City Chambers

Sighthill Community Campus

An update from Graeme Baillie on Sighthill Regeneration

Gordon Wilson, Construction Director VHE talks about land remediation works taking place in Sighthill

An update on the current progress at Sighthill.

Sighthill Young People Summer Programme.

People Make Glasgow Home - Sighthill video.

 Sighthill Demolition
 Sighthill's Big Lunch.

Duncan Lunan and Dr Kenneth Brophy discuss the history of the Sighthill Megalith (Stone Circle) and plans for the Circle within the new park.


Contact Housing Regeneration

  • Phone 0141 287 9970
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