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Canal and North Gateway

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The Canal and North Gateway (CNG) project, with investment of £83.6m, aims to deliver site remediation, servicing, new bridges, roads access and public realm improvements in Sighthill, Port Dundas, Cowlairs and Speirs Lock.

The City Deal investment will fund the reconnection of the area with the City Centre and open up the north of the city, transforming the community and enabling growth in north Glasgow.

The North Glasgow Integrated Water Management System (NGIWMS) element of the project, being delivered in partnership with Scottish Canals, will create Glasgow's Smart Canal, to mitigate flood risk as well as enable regeneration.

The project will use sensors and predictive weather technology to provide early warning of wet weather before moving excess rainfall from residential and business areas into stretches of the canal where water levels have been lowered by as much as 10cm. This will create 55,000 cubic metres of extra capacity to transport surface water from North Glasgow to the River Kelvin during storms.

Community Benefits

The benefits to the community are:

  • Vacant and derelict land remediated and brought back into use
  • New footpaths and roads will be created including two new bridges
  • Pedestrian and segregated cycle routes created
  • New homes built
  • Commercial space created
  • Creation of Glasgow's Smart Canal to dynamically manage surface water to reduce flood risk and facilitate development and regeneration


Consultation is underway and further community engagement will take place as the projects progress and develop. 


The current projects are listed below:

  • Cowlairs Link: Surface Water link from Cowlairs to the canal.
  • North Glasgow Integrated Water Management System (NGIWMS): Further information is available on the MGSDP website.
  • Port Dundas: Port Dundas project area sits next to the City Centre, Sighthill and it is the gateway to north of Glasgow. It is currently seeing a change in the uses from industrial to mixed uses with a strong urban sports presence and some significant sites opening up for development. To support the area's regeneration, City Deal funding is enabling projects to improve connectivity to and from the and through the area by upgrading public realm and pedestrian and cycling routes.
  • Port Dundas:100 Acre Hill in partnership with Scottish Canals saw a large site previously occupied by Diageo in the heart of the area transformed ready for housing development supporting the regeneration of the area. The works include high quality public realm that links the site to the surrounding areas increasing the permeability of the wider neighbourhood.
  • Port Dundas: North Canal Bank Street and Landscape Link works improve and create new pedestrian and cycling routes from the West End to Port Dundas and the bordering 100 Acre Hill development site highlighting the Canal as a main feature. The works include improved public realm, new cycleways and improved footways that links it to the wider network of active travel routes.
  • Port Dundas: Dobbies Loan will improve the environment under the M8 underpass to create a better pedestrian and cycling connection between the City Centre a d Port Dundas, both physically and visually, by realigning the junction and reallocating more space for pedestrians and cyclists and with an installation of artistic light installation.
  • Port Dundas: Pinkston Access Improvements continue the improvement works to connect Dobbies Loan to the canal and North Canal Bank Street taking inspiration from the Canal's artistic quarter and the urban sports. The proposed works include improvements to the public realm and making the route safer by allocating more space for pedestrians, introducing elements of gateway features and planting and opening up vistas.
  • Sighthill: Infrastructure Remediation
  • Sighthill: Servicing and Site Development Remediation
  • Sighthill: Cowlairs Bridge (Road bridge over railway); Port Dundas: 100 Acre Hill
  • Sighthill: Pedestrian Bridge (M8 Foot/Cycle bridge)
  • Speirs Lock: Landscape
  • Speirs Lock: Garscube Toll and Links project creates the missing link between the Connecting Woodside and the Canal by improving public realm at the Toll with introduction of planters and realigning the junction. It also introduces a new cycleway to the Canal improving the access to the Canal and linking it to the wider pedestrian and cycling network.

Fact File


  • North of Glasgow City Centre and M8     

Electoral Wards


  • 10 - Anderson/City/Yorkhill
  • 11 - Hillhead
  • 16 - Canal
  • 17 - Springburn/Royston
  • £83.6 million
Current Stage
  • Partly completed, design development, detailed design and construction stages
Completion Date
  • 2025


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