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Glasgow's 700 Tons Litter Blitz

Posted on 8th Sept, 2016

Graffiti Removal

Glasgow's new Environmental Taskforce has cleared almost 700 tons of rubbish and removed 12,500 sqm of graffiti from across the city since its launch in June.

Twenty-one rapid response teams have been blitzing Glasgow communities - responding to environmental issues reported by the public via new dedicated social media channels.

The public has seized the opportunity to report issues instantly, on-the-spot, via new Twitter and Facebook accounts. The Taskforce has received almost 4000 requests in the last three months and the majority of issues were addressed within a day.

Information submitted by the public, is immediately dispatched to local area teams for swift action. For example, in the North East area, 96% of all jobs were completed within 12 hours - a vast improvement on previous response times.

Almost 1,500 bulk uplifts have been completed across the city and specialists from City Building Trades have also been out enhancing and repairing items like fences, walls and benches. The Community Payback Service has also been deployed to improve sites flagged up in reports from the public.

A key element of the new Taskforce was the creation of training and work placements for the unemployed. Forty-three trainees were taken on in the first three months and further recruitment is planned. Confidence and experience gained on-the-job has already helped one trainee secure a new permanent, full-time post with Wheatley Group.

Councillor Frank McAveety, Glasgow City Council Leader, met city residents at 16 Taskforce roadshow in libraries across the city.

Along with Taskforce staff, he met local people and heard about environmental issues in their communities. Information events were also held for the army of 695 Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers who take pride in their neighbourhoods and help keep them looking their best by carrying out clean ups etc. These dedicated volunteers have carried out more than 600 community clean ups, supported by the Taskforce, since June.

Councillor McAveety said: " We promised the Environmental Taskforce would make a difference to Glasgow's streets and the first three months' results prove it is beginning to do so in a big way.

"The Taskforce has had a hugely positive impact since it was launched and has been well received by Glasgow residents.

"This is a partnership between the council and Glasgow's residents. Together we can make a vast difference to our city's appearance and the contribution of the Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteers is invaluable.

"We all love Glasgow and want it to look its best. I'm really encouraged by the successful start to this revolutionary new approach to cleaning up the city and would like to thank everyone who has played a part.

"We plan to build on this firm foundation and to work more widely with schools and businesses to ensure this initiative continues to go from strength to strength."

The Taskforce has also been acting to deter fouling of our streets and green spaces. Community Enforcement Officers have issued almost 400 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) to dog owners who failed to pick up after their pets and 3443 FPNs were also issued to people who dropped litter.

Instantly Report Issues

The fastest ways to report environmental issues such as graffiti, litter, fly-tipping and dog Fouling to the Taskforce is via Twitter @theenvtaskforce and Facebook envtaskforce

You can also use the MyGlasgow app or phone 0300 343 7027.

Anyone keen to become a Neighbourhood Volunteer should also use the social media channels.

Posted on 8th Sept, 2016

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