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Parents of next year's P1s reminded about importance of early school registration week

Published Tuesday 12th October 2016

Rowena Nursery opening

School registration in Glasgow will again take place in November this year for parents to register their child early for P1 entry in August 2017.

The earlier November registration date - which this year runs from 7 - 11 November - was introduced three years ago to allow schools and the authority to effectively manage the allocation of children to schools and particularly for those living in the catchment area.

The additional, early registration date has proved very successful with only a small percentage of families now opting to wait until the later January enrolment date.

This means parents and carers of children who are due to start primary one in August 2017 can register their child during the early school registration week - the aim in the future is to only run the November registration week.

Starting school is a significant step in a child's life and parents are being urged to visit their local school and see what it has to offer for their child and family.

Over the last few years Glasgow has made some major improvements to our primary schools as part of the council's ambitious £255 million 4Rs programme to rebuild or refurbish every primary, ASL and nursery school in the city.

As Bailie Liz Cameron, Executive Member for Children, Young People & Lifelong Learning, explains: "We have some of the best schools in Scotland and it is important for families living in the area to check out and research their local school and register there - local schools for local children.

"Of course, parents still have the right to make a placing request for personal reasons but we would always encourage them to consider their local school first."
If submitting a placing request parents must register their child at their catchment school in the first instance.

Having and early registration week in November also allows the council to comply with legislation and advise parents, in writing, of the school their child will be going to in plenty of time before the start of the new school term in August.

There will be a further opportunity for parents to register their child in January 2017 with a second enrolment week taking place from Monday 9 - Friday 13 January 2017.

Where to get further information

Adverts will appear in the media to inform families across the city of the registration information and details.

Find details of your local school at My Catchment Area

For further information on school registration 

Published Tuesday 12th October 2016

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