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Sense over Sectarianism working in partnership with

Bannerman High School

After the successful delivery to the entire S2 year group in term four of the 2015-2016 academic year at Bannerman High School, Sense over Sectarianism were invited back to deliver the lesson pack written to support the drama Scarfed for Life to this year's S2 cohort.

SOS Development Officer Mark Adams and SOS sessional staff member Iain Hunter worked together to "team teach" the resources with the PHSE delivery school staff in a collaborative fashion which enabled every class to be involved in such a large school. Team teaching is vital to the sustainability of this issue based education.

As a result of the successful implementation and delivery in term 4 last year not only were SOS invited back to school in term 2 this year to deliver Scarfed for Life but also to deliver the S5/S6 SOS offering entitled "Employment, Social Media & Sectarianism".

Castlemilk High School

The return to school in August saw Sense over Sectarianism staff and Castlemilk High School Pastoral care staff set the highly ambitious target of ensuring that very young person in the S2 and S3 year groups had the opportunity to read the play Scarfed for Life by Martin Travers of the Citizens Theatre.

SOS Development Officer Mark Adams and SOS sessional staff member Iain Hunter together with the schools' three house group heads delivered a total of eighteen sessions across the timetable over a three week period.

The play Scarfed for Life is the drama resource employed by SOS and secondary schools across the city to address sectarian attitudes and related situations as highlighted by young people in our high schools.

A comprehensive list of teacher notes in the associated Scarfed for Life Resource pack highlights, on a scene by scene basis, topics for discussion and debate. The young people are encouraged to take a part in reading the play to gain the full experience available to them.

Lochend Community High School

For the second year running Sense over Sectarianism Development Officer Mark Adams staff and Lochend Community High School drama specialist Lorraine Hutchinson delivered a joint approach to studying and performing the play Scarfed for Life by Martin Travers of the Citizens Theatre.

Head of Drama Lorraine worked with the S3 Drama cohort to deliver the full production experience of performing such an issue based play by studying the roles and background support required to put on a performance.

In support Mark delivered a series of supporting workshops around themes that arise during the studying of the text. In particular the young people work to provide definitions and examples of prejudice, discrimination, bigotry and sectarianism as these themes emerge throughout the text. This helped their comprehension of the situations arising and the characters involved.

St Mungo's Academy

St Mungo's Academy in Glasgow's east end has been involved in a variety of anti-sectarian work in recent years working in partnership with Sense over Sectarianism.

The PHSE teaching staff have been delivering the full 6 week programme of the Scarfed for Life lesson pack since its introduction in 2014.

The drama department staff participated in a citywide drama CPD based around working with young people to be able to perform scenes from Scarfed for Life.

And perhaps the biggest undertaking of all, was the joint community project between S2 pupils with their counterparts from Eastbank Academy which culminated in a week long residential trip to Northern Ireland and production of a DVD of certain scenes of the play.

This year in a move to reinforce the positive messages from earlier interventions SOS staff are deliver the S5 Employability, Social Media and Sectarianism lesson pack in partnership with PHSE staff.



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