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Christmas Recycling

Green Christmas

A prickly 68,000 real Christmas trees will be bought this year in Glasgow, most of which will be thrown away generating over 1,360 tonnes of additional rubbish. Glasgow has facilities to recycle your real Christmas trees after the festive season.

For households with a brown bin, real Christmas trees can be placed in your bin for kerbside collection. Please note the brown bin is now collected every two weeks as indicated by the dates in your managed weekly recycling calendar. Please cut the tree into manageable pieces and ensure that the lid will close and the tree is not wedged into the bin.

Recycling centres

Real trees can also be taken to your local recycling centres at:

Dawsholm Recycling Centre
75 Dalsholm Road
G20 0TB

Easter Queenslie Recycling Centre
90 Easter Queenslie Road
G33 4UL

Polmadie Recycling Centre
425 Polmadie Road
G42 0PJ

Please Note:  Unfortunately there is no access to vehicles above 1.8m at Polmadie Recycling Centre.  Please use one of the other HWRC's for access with vehicles above this height.

Shieldhall Recycling Centre
Renfrew Road

Further tree recycling locations

Real Christmas trees can also be taken to the following locations from 3 January until 18 January:

  • Pollok Park, Burrell Car Park
  • Alexandra Park, off Alexandra Parade, car park next to the golf course
  • Kelvingrove Park, Kelvin Way, grass area opposite the bandstand

What happens to the trees?

The trees collected in the brown bins or taken to the recycling centres are sent for composting to our re-processing partners and the trees taken to the parks are chipped and shredded on site for use within the parks.

Chippings will be available for the public to take free of charge from Pollok Park. Both disposal routes help to divert waste from landfill and assist residents achieve a more sustainable Christmas.

Recycle Christmas cards and wrapping paper

Plain Christmas cards can be placed in the blue recycling bins, although cards decorated with glitter cannot as this potentially causes problems at the paper mill. Some retail outlets have previously provided take back schemes for Christmas cards. Please check with your local supermarkets.

Please remove any ribbons, bows, or other adornments from wrapping paper before placing in blue bin.  Metallic shiny paper/foil should not be placed within the blue bin.   Shiny metallic wrapping paper is made from plastic film and this type of material is not currently recycled. The scrunch test is a simple way to determine whether wrapping paper is made from plastic film. Simply scrunch the item in your hand - if it remains 'scrunched' it can be recycled; if it springs back it is probably plastic film and not recyclable.


In addition to mixed papers, plastic bottles, and food/drink cans, please remember that cardboard and cardboard packaging can go into the blue bins and please use your purple bin or you're nearest public collection point for glass bottles and jars.

Reduce food faste

Over the festive period it is likely that we will consume more food and drink than at other times of the year. This Christmas, a whopping 80,000 turkeys will be sold in Glasgow, weighing a massive 440 tonnes. By planning meals and making shopping lists there is less chance of food being wasted. The Love Food Hate Waste (Scotland) website provides plenty of ideas and suggestions to reduce food waste and also provides lots of tasty leftover recipes.

For food waste that is generated, please use your grey kitchen caddy to dispose of food waste that you produce over the Christmas period. Your caddy can accept all cooked and uncooked food, even eggshells and bones. Please see attached films on how to use the food waste collection service and what happens to your food waste after it is collected.

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