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SG5: Resource Management

What is it?

The guidance covers the assessment of large scale energy and refuse facilities. It also sets out guidance in relation to increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy usage in new developments. The guidance also covers the potential for district heating, identifies where it might be most appropriate and sets out a procedure for assessing the viability/feasibility of its use in new development

The guidance sets out the requirements in relation to Low and Zero Carbon Technologies in almost all new development relating to a statutory requirement to reduce carbon emissions.

Statement on Energy (SoE) and Sustainability

Submission of self-certification will be required at 3 points in the Planning & Building Control process to demonstrate the achievement of the required level of sustainability and carbon savings.

Firstly, at the planning stage, a Statement on Energy (SoE) and a demonstration of firm intention to achieve the required sustainability level (Gold from 1/9/18)  is required for each applicable planning application for new development.  A fillable SoE template is provided on this page for this purpose.  This will be checked at the planning application stage and if granted, will be conditioned to achieve these outcomes.

On submission of the subsequent building warrant application, the 'as designed' SoE must be re-submitted along with the Section 7 Sustainability self-certification, where it will be checked to verify that the development is on track to deliver the required level of sustainability and carbon savings. 

At completion certificate stage, the 'as built' SoE and a Section 7 Sustainability self-certificate should be re-submitted to demonstrate that the development has achieved the required level of sustainability and carbon savings as required by the planning condition.

Note: Where an application is conditioned under SG5: Resource Management, Section 7 Sustainability of the Scottish Building Standard's Technical Handbook is mandatory.

Gold Level Compliance

Further to the requirements set out in Table 3 on page 15 of SG 5, all applicable planning applications submitted from 1st September 2018 will be required to meet Gold Level Compliance plus 20% Low and Zero Carbon Generating Technologies (LZCGT). 

The Council offers some flexibility for new development in attaining Gold Standard, this is primarily to encourage the development of the Passivhaus standard within the City.  Information on the available options is set out in the related document SG5: Gold Options.


Consultation concluded on 19 December 2016.


These have now been adopted.

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