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Glasgow City Council

Hundreds of New Staff and 400 Hi-tech Bins to Help Clean Up City

Published 6/3/17

Cllr McAveety with some of the new cleansing staff.

Hundreds of new cleansing staff and hi-tech smart bins which automatically report when they need emptying are being deployed in Glasgow.

Innovative technology will be trialled in the city as part of Glasgow City Council's £6million extra cleansing investment announced in the recent Budget. It will be complemented by an army of 215 new staff who will help keep the city's streets clean. In addition, the extra funding will be used to extend the contracts of 75 people employed as the first Task Force trainees until March 2018.

Up to 400 sensors will be placed in street bins which will detect when they are three quarters full, sending alerts to the Environmental Task Force control centre which will then relay the job to staff. The hi-tech bins will be trialled for 12 months in the city centre,  as well as quieter locations where bins need emptied less often and the sensors will eliminate unnecessary daily trips to empty bins which don't need it.

Glasgow currently has 10,000 on-street bins and some, such as those in Sauchiehall Street, are emptied up to three times a day.

Councillor Frank McAveety, Leader of Glasgow City Council and Chair of the Environmental Task Force, said: "I'm delighted to announce an extra £6million investment in the city's street cleansing and enforcement services. This package of measures will ensure resources are focused where they are needed most and reduce wasted journeys to quieter areas to check if bins need emptied. This will make the service more efficient, meaning staff can spend time in busier areas where bins need emptied most frequently.

"These measures build on the success of the Environmental Task Force which has had a huge impact on the city and been well received by the public. Our initial Task Force trainees have shown great dedication and I'm thrilled to be able to extend their contracts as well as employing an extra 215 cleansing staff to help keep the streets clean.

"The council is addressing environmental issues on several front, working with schools, social landlords and communities to involve local people in enhancing their neighbourhoods as well as clamping down on those responsible for making the mess. This £6m extra investment proves how committed the council is to tackling this issue."



Published 6/3/17

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