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Barras Stalled Spaces

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What is it?

The Barras Stalled Spaces is an area-specific Stalled Spaces scheme for the community-led enhancement of the Barras Market Area.

The aim of the programme is:

  • to support the vision of creating a unique, vibrant market and mixed use destination immediately to the east of Glasgow Cross
  • enhance the trading environment
  • attract new activities and
  • create a positive trajectory for the Barras market.

For more details refer to the 'Guidance Document'.

This is a one-off scheme for 2017-18 and is now closed.

Application Criteria

Eligibility for the Barras Stalled Spaces scheme varies from the main Stalled Spaces programme - in terms of location of projects, who can apply and priority areas covered.

Please refer to the specific criteria below for the Barras Stalled Spaces scheme.

  • Location - Projects must be based in the Barras market area
  • Who can apply - Constituted groups that are either based in the Barras market area or are working in partnership with groups, organisations, businesses or individuals based there, are eligible to apply
  • Projects must cover one of the following priority areas:
    • Land earmarked for development but stalled
    • Under utilised open space
    • Innovative treatment of elevations of buildings or shopfronts visible from a street
    • Streets or other public spaces
    • Marketing activity or One-off event to promote the Barras market and that have a longer term impact on the area.
  • Information on ownership must be available and permission to use the site must either be agreed upon or under discussion. 
  • Projects must be socially engaged - all proposals must highlight plans for community engagement

Apply now

The following provides the application form and related guidance for anyone who wishes to apply for Barras Stalled Spaces support.

Once the proposed works are complete all supported projects are required to fill and submit the monitoring form below:



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