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Glasgow City Council

Candidates for council elections announced

Published: March 29, 2017.

Local Gov elections 2017

Candidates for the 2017 Glasgow City Council elections on May 4 have been announced after confirming submitted nomination papers.

The election on May 4 will elect 85 councillors from 23 wards and will be contested by a total of 209 candidates from twelve parties along with 14 independents.

Each party will field the number of candidates as follows (in alphabetical order):-

Glasgow Labour - 43 candidates;

Independents - 14;

No Referendum, Maintain Union, Pro-Brexit - 1; 

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party- 23;

Scottish Green Party - 23;

Scottish Liberal Democrats - 20;

Scottish Libertarian Party- 2;

Scottish National Party - 56;

Scottish Socialist Party/Scottish Socialist Party,Save Our Services - 3;

Scottish Trade Union and Socialist Coalition - 7;

Social Democratic Party Scotland - 1;

Tommy Sheridan- IndyRef2/Tommy Sheridan-Solidarity-Hope Over Fear - 6;

UKIP - 10.

The previous council election in 2012 saw 79 councillors elected from 21 wards.  Changes initiated by the Boundary Commission have added two new wards - Dennistoun and Partick East/Kelvindale - to Glasgow's electoral map with six additional seats to be contested this year.  

Twenty-six sitting councillors are standing down at this election.

Full details of the candidates can be found at the Notice of Poll - 2017 Local Governments Elections page of our website.

Further information on the elections is available via the Elections and Voting page.




Published: March 29, 2017.

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