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Community Council Briefing

Community Council Briefing

All information previously circulated to Community Councils through the e-mail briefing can now be found on this page. 

It is recommended that you save this page as a favourite for ease of ongoing access.

Glasgow City Council - Public Holiday/Closure of City Chambers - 21st and 24th September 2018

Please note that the City Chambers will be closed for the September Public Holiday on Friday 21st September and Monday 24th September 2018.

Community Council Development Session - Saturday 10th November 2018

Updated 13th September 2018


You were notified previously that the CCDS scheduled for Saturday 8th September was postponed due to a lack of confirmed attendees.

I would advise at this stage that the new date to hold the Development Session is Saturday 10th November 2018.  The themes for this session will be Processions and Licensing.

Further information will follow.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Guidance for Community Councils

Updated 5th September 2018

Following a number of requests for guidance on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in relation to community councils please see the attached proposed Privacy Statement.

The Privacy Statement is intended as a standard point of reference for community councils across Glasgow.  It is envisaged that the Statement will be included in the Guidance for Community Councils, which forms part of the support arrangements, along with Induction.

Any comments or suggestions on the contents of the Privacy Statement are welcomed.

pdf icon GDPR Guidance [47kb]

Requests for Community Council Minutes and Accounts

Following a number of requests for copies of minutes and/or accounts of Community Councils across the City, Community Councils are reminded that the responsibility for making these documents publicly available rests with the Community Councils; this is in accordance with clause 7 of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.

Community Councils are the originators of the minutes, and Secretaries have a key responsibility to ensure minutes are circulated accordingly i.e. (1) draft minutes 7 days prior to the date of the meeting to all Community Council members i.e. Community Councillors, Ex-officio; and Associate Members, and (2) approved minutes made available to the City Council within 14 days of the meeting which approved them. The City Council is simply a recipient of the minutes for monitoring purposes.

All requests for minutes and/or accounts should be made directly to the respective Community Councils in the first instance, and if this request is refused with no sound reason then the City Council could be notified.  Alternatively, if information and/or intelligence potentially gives rise to evidenced concerns about a Community Council's current governance then this should be forwarded to the appropriate Officer within the City Council for them to address.

Please note that it would be at the Community Councils' discretion whether they provide draft minutes and/or accounts upon request.  It should be understood by all Community Councils that following a minute and/or accounts becoming approved then these would enter the public domain and in normal circumstances be made available upon request.  It would be reasonable, if requested, for a justification/reason to be provided to the Community Council in the first instance where such requests are being made.  NOTE: Certain information may require to be redacted i.e. personal data.

Formal Public Consultation of the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils (2018) - 2nd Phase, 16 Week Public Representations to Scheme Amendments - Respond by Friday 28th September 2018

Published 8th June 2018

A 2nd phase Representation Period on the amended Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils (2018) began on Friday 8th June and runs until Friday 28th September (16 weeks).

You will find 2 documents (see link below) which are to be shared with your Community Council members for noting and discussion:

  • The amended Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils (2018); and 

  • Community Council Boundary Representations  

Your Community Council can access these documents online via or hard copy in any of the 33 libraries across Glasgow. Your Community Council's representations on the Scheme (2018) are welcomed.

I look forward to receiving your Community Council's response in due course.  In the meantime, should you have any queries, please direct these to Steven Dowling 0141 287 4111 / or Lawrence O'Neill 0141 287 4109 /

Glasgow Event to Encourage Women to Stand for Elected Office - Saturday 10th November 2018

 The Parliament Project are currently organising events across England and Scotland to encourage more women to consider standing for political office.  In November they have a FREE workshop taking place at Glasgow Women's Library and would really appreciate community councils support in getting the word out to women in the local area.

 The event takes place on Saturday 10th November, 1.30 - 3.30 at Glasgow Women's Library. Women interested in attending the event can register here:

A poster promoting the workshop can be found below, for your information and for sharing the information with women across the Glasgow area. This workshop is open for women from all parties, or none, with lots of political experience or none.

A facebook event is listed here: 

Any support in promoting this opportunity through word of mouth or sharing our social media promotion would be gratefully received.  

pdf icon Informkation Leaflet [893kb]

Making Places Initiative Fund/Place Standards Conversations Fund - Apply by 28th September 2018/31st October 2018

Published 9th August 2018

Scottish Government has launched the 2018 to 2019 Making Places initiative to encourage communities to positively and actively contribute to the development of their local places. Making Places represents a broadening of the charrette mainstreaming programme to support communities at all stages of their thinking.

Projects should demonstrate a strong emphasis on tackling inequality, and will have a clear ambition to combat disadvantage through community activity and creative thinking.

The making places initiative making places offers two funding options:

  • The Place Standard Conversations Fund will support communities who are keen to develop their understanding of place and build their skills and confidence. To apply to this fund, please use the attached application form.
  • The Community-led Design Fund will support communities to participate in and lead design events, such as workshops and charrettes.

A prospectus is available from the Scottish Government website which contains more information about the funding as well as examples of design processes and other guidance:

The closing date for applications to the Community-led Design Fund (Making Places Initiative) is Friday 28 September. The closing date for applications for the Place Standard Conversations Fund is 31 October 2018.

For more information, including how to apply, please visit:

Uncovering the Environment - Project at the University of Dundee

The University of Dundee wishes to share information with community councils about their research project, "Uncovering the Environment: The Use of Public Access to Environmental Information".

The project is examining how the right of access to environmental information is utilised in Scotland, in particular seeking to identify whether the use of environmental information has led to changed outcomes in environmental decision-making processes. For more information, a PDF flyer is attached

. As part of the research they would like to hear from community councils

The project has two separate surveys: the first survey is aimed at individuals and bodies which make use of the right of access to environmental information ( while the second survey is aimed at public authorities which make environmental information available (

Community councils can participate in either survey as they see fit.  

If you have any questions about the research, please email Sean Whittaker at

pdf icon Uncovering the Environment Project Summary [109kb]

Airspace Consultation Update - August 2018

Earlier this year we conducted a 13-week consultation on proposals to modernise the departure flight paths currently used by aircraft from Glasgow Airport. There were two reasons why we had to do this:

1. Our proposals formed part of an industry-wide initiative driven by our regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), to modernise the UK's airspace, including the airspace around Glasgow Airport.  

2. We were informed by our air traffic control provider, NATS, of its plans to replace the existing ground-based navigation equipment with a satellite navigation system.

The consultation closed on 13 April, however, as it drew to a close we were informed by the CAA of a change in policy which would alter how our proposals would be taken forward. 

What hasn't changed is the need to modernise our airspace and, together with NATS, we have been working closely with the CAA to understand the requirements of the new process. This will involve a second round of consultation which we envisage launching towards the end of 2019. 

As part of the new process, local communities will again have the opportunity to engage with the airport to inform our proposals. Should they be accepted, the earliest point at which changes could be made to our flight paths would be 2021.

I must stress, the valuable feedback we gained from local communities earlier this year will play a vital role in shaping the next stage of the process.

We remain committed to growing Glasgow Airport responsibly and we want our local communities to continue to be part of that journey. It is for this reason that no changes have or will be made to Glasgow's airspace until we have sought your views as part of the new process. 

Community Council Information Pack - Opening of New Pharmacies

Published 14th June 2018

Please find attached an updated document for community councils providing information on the process for applying for a new pharmacy.

pdf icon Community Pharmacies [1Mb]

Battle's Over - A Nation's Tribute 11th November 2018

We have been asked to share information about A Nation's Tribute with community councils.

The event will commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1, as well as paying tribute to the millions that either died or returned home wounded during or after the War ended on 11th November 1918.

A Guide To Taking Part is available here: This guide will be updated on 25th July and 25th October to ensure that all those involved are listed. 

If you have any questions about the event, please email

Participation Requests - Reposted 27th April 2018

In response to the Participation Request section of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, Glasgow City Council have published a Participation Request form.

A Participation Request is when a community participation body makes a request to a public service authority to permit the body to participate in an outcome improvement process.
Information on how to submit a Participation Request using the form can be found here:  

Factsheets 2017 and 2011 Census Profiles for Wards - Reposted 24th May 2017

This is to let you know that the Factsheets for the 23 Council Wards are now published on the Council website:
The Ward Factsheets for the former 21 Council Wards have been taken off and are no longer available from the Council website.
The 2011 Census profiles for the former Wards have been replaced by 2011 Census profiles for the new Wards, see:


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