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Community Council Briefing

Community Council Briefing

All information previously circulated to Community Councils through the e-mail briefing can now be found on this page. 

It is recommended that you save this page as a favourite for ease of ongoing access.

Formal consultation of the Governance arrangements for Community Councils; including a review of certain Community Council boundaries; and a review of support arrangements - 12 week consultation running from Friday 9th February 2018 and closing on Friday 4th May 2018.

Published 9th February 2018

Following the Wellbeing, Empowerment, Community & Citizen Engagement City Policy Committee (WECCE CPC) meeting held on Thursday 25th January 2018, the proposal was agreed to undertake a formal consultation on the revised Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils (2018), including a review of certain Community Council boundaries and additional support arrangements (i.e. Guidance, Induction and Complaints Procedure).

The timeline for the formal consultation continues to run for 12 weeks from Friday 9th February 2018 to Friday 4th May 2018.  A further 4 week period will then follow to invite representation from the public on the amended Scheme (2018). 

All consultation documents can accessed via the following link or by contacting Steven Dowling on 0141 287 4111 / or Lawrence O'Neill on 0141 287 4109 /

pdf icon Scheme Arabic Translation [339kb]pdf icon Scheme Mandarin Translation [315kb]pdf icon Scheme Polish Translation [45kb]pdf icon Scheme Punjabi Translation [435kb]pdf icon Scheme Urdu Translation [102kb]

Celebrate Community Councils - #CelebrateCCs Twitter Campaign - Respond by 30th April 2018

Published 13th April 2018

Throughout April, the Scottish Community Councils website will be showcasing the varied work of community councils across Scotland.

Using the hashtag #CelebrateCCs on Twitter, we will highlight some of the great projects, activities and events community councils have led on and encourage others to share their favourites: from gala days to stalled spaces; useful community resources to intergenerational get-togethers; everyday triumphs to years-in-the-making successes.

The aim of the #CelebrateCCs Twitter event is to highlight the positive impact community councils have in their areas and help community councils share their knowledge and experience of undertaking different projects. We want to raise the profile of community councils and encourage individuals and other organisations to learn more about them.

We want to hear about lots of different community council work, for example:

  • Projects that are ongoing
  • Work with organisations and other local groups
  • Health and social care projects
  • Young people-focussed projects
  • Stalled spaces
  • Participatory budgeting (also known as Community Choices)
  • Community magazines and other publications

To get involved, simply tweet anytime throughout April about a community council and an achievement of theirs that you are proud of, and remember to include the hashtag #CelebrateCCs. You do not need to be a community councillor or tweet from an official community council Twitter account. If you have suggestions of what we should tweet, and you do not have a Twitter account, send them to

We will be retweeting and tweeting examples from If you do not have a Twitter account you can still see tweets for the event by searching #CelebrateCCs or going here:

Parks Vision Consultation - Respond by 11th May 2018

Published 29th March 2018

Glasgow City Council is developing a new vision for parks and greenspaces in Glasgow.  There is a huge body of research describing the benefits that high quality and accessible parks and greenspaces can have in improving health and wellbeing, economic opportunity and mitigating the effects of climate change, but we want to make sure the vision of what our parks and greenspaces may look like in the future comes from our communities.

So far, we have carried out a series of workshops with predominately Friends of parks groups, Community Councils and parks user groups.  We asked questions like 'what do you do in parks?', 'what would you like to do in parks?', 'what needs to happen to let you do that?'  We covered a huge range of topics. We talked about parks and greenspaces as part of daily, family and community life; we explored the cultural and wellbeing role of parks and greenspaces within the community; we discussed ecological and environmental issues and how parks and greenspaces could help mitigate these, and we talked about how greenspaces were connected. 

Collectively, these users set the following priority themes:

  • Communication

  • Health and well being

  • Re-wilding

  • Activities and events

    We then also spoke to staff and elected members, issued a questionnaire to test these themes with more diverse parts of the community and linked these themes to key local, national and international strategies and policies.

This is the final part of our engagement.  We are keen to make sure the vision of what Glasgow's parks and greenspaces may look like and what roles they will perform in the future comes from the communities that use and love these spaces. 

Our questionnaire is available to complete between 2nd April and 11th May 2018.

Please follow the link below to questionnaire, and please note that we are discussing only the sites that are owned or managed by Glasgow City Council.

The Mary Barbour Award 2018 - Request for Nominations - Respond By 31st May 2018

Published 18th March 2018

The call for nominations has now opened for this year's Mary Barbour awards, recognising the significant contribution women make within the local community.  Further information on how to nominate someone for the award can be found in the attachment below.  Please note that the deadline for nominations is 31st May 2018.

pdf icon Mary Barbour Information [142kb]

Consultation seeking views on the update of The Licensing (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2007 - Respond by 6th June 2018

Published 19th March 2018

The Scottish Government is responsible for regulating the powers of Scottish local authorities and Licensing Boards in relation to licensing the sale of alcohol.

The Licensing (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2007 came into force on 1st February 2008. They provide for various procedural matters under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, relating to, amongst other things, the notification of licence applications, objections, representations, determinations and hearings.

A Consultation on: Update of The Licensing (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2007has been published on the Scottish Government's consultation platform, Citizen Space.  Share views and respond to this consultation online at:

If you are unable to respond online you can submit your response along with a completed Respondent Information Form to:

The consultation can also be viewed at: The consultation closes on 6th June 2018.

Public Transport Challenge - Online Survey

Published 6th April 2018

To help support the work being undertaken around the Public Transport challenge we have developed an online survey, which we hope will allow us to reach a much wider audience.  The consultation was made available on the Councils website today and is being promoted through the Council's Social Media channels. 

To help ensure we capture as many stories / insights as possible I was wondering if there would be an opportunity to share the survey through the links with the Community Councils and any other relevant networks that the CPP has?  The more user stories we can capture, the greater our chance of influencing the design of future services in the years ahead.

This is their chance to influence the direction of travel - please share our short survey

Bank Closures: Impact on Local Businesses, Consumers and the Scottish Economy Inquiry - For Information

Published 19th March 2018

The Scottish Parliament's Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee wishes to share information about their inquiry into the impact of back closures. We would appreciate if you could pass this information on to your community councils for information.

The main inspiration behind the Committee's inquiry is that the number of bank branches across Scotland reduced by a third between 2010 and 2017.

The Committee wants to hear from as many people as possible (both as members of a community council, as a business owner or as an individual). The Committee are keen to find out how branch closures have impacted communities at as local a level as possible.

More information is available in the hyperlinks below.

Bank closures: impact on local businesses, consumers and the Scottish economy inquiry:

The Call for views. For the call for views, there isn't a requirement to answer every question, only the ones that are relevant to the community.

The Committee are also running a survey that is targeted more to individuals and businesses. The intention of the survey is to capture as many views as possible and the call for views is there to allow a fuller response.

If there are any questions about the inquiry please email

Scottish Fire and Rescue Community Asset Register - Posted January 2018 - For Information

Dear Sir/Madam,

Back in October 2017 the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service launched the Community Asset Register (CAR).

Essentially this is a register of volunteers who have a particular asset or skill which they feel could be used to support emergency services and responders at an incident.

Examples include someone with a boat who could be called in times of flooding to assist evacuate people from houses to a place of safety. Similarly someone with a 4X4 may be used in times of severe snow to transport vulnerable people to a community hall.

Further information about the CAR can be found on the link below:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to gauge how often a volunteer will be requested.

Mobilisations can be determined by severe weather, a specific type of asset/skill required for the incident, the emergency services availability and resources in the area and the location of the volunteer.

It must be stressed that even when someone has registered, they are under no obligation to mobilise when they are called by the Operations Control centre.

For anyone to register an interest and request a form they would be required to email: and a registration form will be sent to be completed along with guidelines on how to complete the registration process.

Thank you.

Draft City of Glasgow Local Police & Fire and Rescue Plans 2017-2020 - Posted December 2017, For Information

Published 1st December 2017

Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Services have published their draft City of Glasgow Local Plans 2017-2020.

Both plans have been considered by Glasgow Community Planning Partnership's Safe Glasgow Group and will now be considered by Glasgow City Council's City Administration Committee for approval.

Police Scotland's City of Glasgow Local Plan 2017-2020 can be found here:
Scottish Fire and Rescue's Fire and Rescue Local Plan 2017-2020 can be found here:


Volunteer Glasgow - Volunteer Opportunities for Community Councils

Published 30th November 2017

Volunteer Glasgow have recently changed their database to a new easy to use digital platform.  The new service makes it really easy for organisations to upload volunteering opportunities that are currently within their organisation.

If you think that your community council has volunteering vacancies then the community council may like to register for a volunteer account.   The attached guidance will provide all the necessary information needed to register.  It doesn't take very long to do it and its always worthwhile.

Bear in mind that Volunteer Glasgow's busiest time of year for volunteering requests is December & January - when people are filled with festive good will and kind spirit and feel they want to help others.

It may be worth discussing setting up an account for your community council as now is a great time for advertising  opportunities now as you can almost guarantee a swift response from the people of Glasgow.

If you need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch with Volunteer Glasgow using the contact details below.

Volunteer Glasgow

Abbey House (1st Floor),
10 Bothwell Street,
G2 6LU
Tel: 0141 226 2565

pdf icon Volunteering Information [1Mb]

Notification of Community Council Meetings and Minutes to Ex-Officio Members

Updated 17th November 2017

I would remind all Community Councils that all Elected Members, within the Ward/s in which the boundary of your Community Council covers, are Ex-Officio Members, and should therefore receive notification of all meetings at least 7 days prior to the date of the meeting.  This notification should also include agendas and any associated papers i.e. all draft and/or approved minutes.  This is in accordance with clause 7a of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils. 

Please note that in addition to all Elected Members of Glasgow City Council, notifications, agendas, minutes and any associated papers should also be sent to all Ex-Officio Members i.e. MSYPs, MSPs, MPs and MEPs.

If there are any queries, or your Community Council is experiencing difficulties in being able to fulfil this obligation, please do not hesitate to contact either  or who would be happy to provide appropriate advice and support should this be required.

Participation Requests - Reposted 17th November 2017

In response to the Participation Request section of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, Glasgow City Council have published a Participation Request form.

A Participation Request is when a community participation body makes a request to a public service authority to permit the body to participate in an outcome improvement process.
Information on how to submit a Participation Request using the form can be found here:  

Factsheets 2017 and 2011 Census Profiles for Wards - Reposted 17th November 2017

This is to let you know that the Factsheets for the 23 Council Wards are now published on the Council website:
The Ward Factsheets for the former 21 Council Wards have been taken off and are no longer available from the Council website.
The 2011 Census profiles for the former Wards have been replaced by 2011 Census profiles for the new Wards, see:

Submission of Community Council Minutes - Reposted 17th November 2017 

Subject to ongoing review of submission of community council minutes, it is noted that a number of community councils do not routinely submit minutes to Glasgow City Council within the time frames set in the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils.

Please ensure that your community council submits minutes in a timeous manner, as this is beneficial for both parties. The minutes should be sent to the relevant Officer using the following e-mail addresses:

Wards 1-8, 10 - 12 & 23  -  Steven Dowling 0141 287 4111

Wards 9, 13 - 22  -  Lawrence O'Neill 0141 287 4109

In addition to submission of minutes, all community councils are reminded to note the annual accounting period as stated in Clause 9a of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils; "The financial year of each community council shall be from 1 September to 31 August in the following year.  This will enable the proper submission of an independently examined statement of accounts to the community council's Annual General Meeting held in October each year."

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