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Breath Easy as New Hi-tech CityTrees Arrive in Glasgow

City Tree Glasgow GOMA

Two large green free standing installations which remove pollutants from the air have arrived in Glasgow.

The CityTree is a highly visual structure which, at 4 meters tall, nearly 3 meters wide and 2 meters deep, is said to have the environmental benefit of up to 275 urban trees.

Created by Berlin-based Green City Solutions, the CityTree is made up of moss cultures which have a much larger leaf surface area than any other plant and can capture more pollutants.

The huge surfaces of moss installed in each CityTree can remove dust and nitrogen dioxide from the air. It requires very little maintenance and solar panels power its electrical requirements and rainwater collected is used for irrigation.

Manufacturer estimate that each CityTree can remove around 12.2kg of particulate matter and 240 metric tons of CO2 (greenhouse gas) annually.

Glasgow is the first UK city to have CityTrees installed in key city centre locations - Killermont Street (adjacent to Buchanan Bus Station) and the other on Royal Exchange Square, outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA).

The arrival of the CityTrees in Glasgow is a major boost for the city.

Councillor Anna Richardson, City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, said: "It's great that we have these unique CityTrees in place for the UK's first National Clean Air Day. We have set a target of making Glasgow one of Europe's most sustainable cities and the arrival of these installations is a massive boost. 

"Poor air quality is a significant public health concern, but also a major social justice issue for Glasgow. Pollution affects some of the most vulnerable people in our city; including the old, the sick and those experiencing poverty.

"The council is a key partner in the Scottish Government's Cleaner Air for Scotland Strategy which defines the path to achieving full compliance with the relevant air quality standards over the next few years.

"There is a wealth of evidence to show that cities that prioritise healthy, liveable streets benefit not only from better health outcomes, but from more resilient economies and reduced inequality. That's the goal."

Funding for the CityTree installations has been secured from the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.

Each CityTree costs approx. £20,000.

Glasgow is supporting the UK's first National Clean Air Day today (Thursday 15 June). The aim is to encourage people to take simple steps to improve their health and reduce air pollution.

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