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New CREATE Charging Policy

Glasgow CREATE Charging Policy for non-core Provision

Music and Drama

Glasgow CREATE is committed to providing opportunities to build on the musical skills and talents of our young people through participation in City Ensembles, Bands and Choirs.  This enhances learning and teaching and in addition provides young people with group tuition as well as providing a platform for them to participate in high quality performances.

These ensembles, bands and choirs take place in City Halls on a Saturday morning and evenings through the week and they are led by experienced Instrumental Service Staff. The staff receive additional payments to deliver:

  • Glasgow Schools Symphony Orchestra
  • Strings Orchestra
  • String Training Orchestra
  • Concert Band
  • Big Band
  • Dahmsa - Ceildh Fusion Band
  • Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion Ensembles
  • Rock School
  • The Voice Factory

Young people who attend a Glasgow School are charged an annual membership fee of £60.  This is a one off fee regardless of how many ensembles, bands and choirs a young person attends.  It also includes participation in the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. Those families, attending Glasgow City Council Schools, in receipt of Clothing Grant or EMA are exempt from this membership fee.

Young people attending the Glasgow Schools' Youth Theatre are also charged an annual membership fee of £60 which covers all rehearsals and participation in an annual show. Those families, attending Glasgow City Council Schools, in receipt of Clothing Grant and free school meals or EMA are exempt from this membership fee.

Please note, Drama and Music charges are separate and do not cross over.  In addition there will be a supplementary charge for any residential experiences for example, Glasgow Schools Symphony Orchestra or Glasgow Schools' Youth Theatre Residential Experiences.

Young people who live in Glasgow but do not attend a Glasgow School may apply to attend our City Ensembles, Bands, Choirs or Youth Theatre with an annual membership fee of £120. This is based on a fee of approximately £5 per week with no restriction on the number of Ensembles, Bands and Choirs attended.  

All applications are completed on Glasgow City Council Website, CREATE section.  Following successful application families will receive an invoice to be paid before the initiatives start.

Please note, where appropriate payment plans may be arranged.                 


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