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Parents and carers encouraged to take advantage of free school meals

Published Monday 14 August 2017

P1 - P3 Free school meals

With the start of the school term just around the corner and many young children set to start their first day, parents across the city are being reminded that meals for primary 1-3 pupils can be enjoyed at lunchtime for free.

Introduced by the Scottish National Party at Holyrood in January 2015, universal free school meals for P1 - P3 pupils have been incredibly well received, with over 5million lunches served during the first 24 months in Glasgow alone.


The policy helps to save parents up to £363 per child per year.

Cordia (Services) LLP, the arm's length organisation of Glasgow City Council which provides school meals has been holding sessions with parents giving them the opportunity to sample menus and hear about their nutritional value.

Fuel Zone's 123 Choices menu gives pupils an extensive range of options to suit their dietary requirements, all of which are compliant with the Schools (Health Promotion and Nutrition) (Scotland) Act 2007.

Children can select a main meal alongside a drink with a dessert, also choosing as much fruit, vegetables, soup and bread as they like. Halal, vegetarian and medical dietary requirements are also available each day when required. Cordia also offers free milk for all pupils at lunchtime.

All of Cordia's menus have been carefully crafted with input from pupils, parents and teachers.

Healthy meals

Councillor Chris Cunningham, City Convener for Education, Skills & Early Years said: "Our school meals are healthy, nutritious and very tasty - all the correct ingredients that will help boost our pupils' energy and concentration levels after lunch. 

"The universal free school meals for all P1 - P3 has been welcomed by many families and I would encourage all new parents to sample the school meals with their children when they get the opportunity."

Julia McCreadie, Cordia's Head of Encore and Facilities Management, said: "We are pleased with the continuing uptake of free school meals across Glasgow.

"Around 85% of children are opting for a free meal at lunchtime, which is fantastic but it's also important to get the message out to the parents of new pupils.

"Our catering teams welcome the demand, offering even more options than ever before to suit pupil requirements.

"We strongly encourage parents to take full advantage of Fuel Zone's offering, ensuring their children receive a healthy nutritional meal."

Published Monday 14 August 2017

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