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Local By Elections 7th September 2017 Full Results

Elected Candidate

Jim Kavanagh (Scottish Labour) has been elected to the Cardonald Ward.

Full Results

pdf icon CandidateVotesPerStage_Report_Ward_4_Cardonald_07092017_231751 [8kb]

pdf icon DeclarationOfResults_Report_Ward_4_Cardonald_07092017_231448 [2kb]

pdf icon ElectionResults_Report_Ward_4_Cardonald_07092017_232308 [3kb]

pdf icon Transfers_Report_Ward_4_Cardonald_07092017_232955 [8kb]

spreadsheet icon Ward 4 Cardonald_preference_profile_report [51kb]

zip icon Ward 4 - Cardonald [1Mb]
The quota of votes for a candidate for 4 - Cardonald to be elected was 2,689.

Published First Preferences Reports by Ballot Box

Please read word icon Preference votes per box combination notes - Ward 4 Cardonald [17kb]  before reading the Published First Preferences Reports by Ballot Box listed below.

pdf icon 00QS_Ward_4_Cardonald_PREFERENCES-BY-BALLOT-BOX_V2 [21kb]

word icon Publishing Post Election data Note for ROs (AT) [267kb]



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