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Latest Update on ACM Cladding

Published 29.9.17

Please see the updated information on the ACM Cladding situation and a video from Council Leader Susan Aitken.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "The final report has been sent to the Scottish Government today.

"The report details the 19 properties that have been identified as having elements of ACM in their construction. It concludes that there is no 'Grenfell-style' property in Glasgow and there is no need to vacate any of the affected properties.

"Informing residents in these properties has begun, and will be complete by Monday afternoon. The packs that have been sent to residents include information we hold about the type and location of ACM on their property, information about their factor and any steps their factor has already taken of which the Council are aware.

"We have updated Scottish Fire and Rescue with the list and the information to residents also includes commentary on the fire risk.

"We will not be sharing any information about the exact properties or addresses to protect the privacy of owners and residents. 

"In light of the significantly reduced number of properties affected following further due diligence, it was correct that the Council has taken the time to complete this process before informing residents in affected properties."

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "I set officers the target last week of identifying and assessing all properties with ACM cladding and to begin informing residents.  Since then they have been working every day to ensure that target has been met.

"I am pleased, now that we have that full picture to communicate this to residents. The fact that the number of buildings thought initially to be affected has reduced considerably, vindicates the approach the city council was taking before this process became prematurely public. We are now able to provide clarity and reassurance to residents, which was always our intention. I am also glad that our expectation that no buildings have been made dangerous as a result of ACM cladding has been confirmed."

Published 29.9.17

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