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Bin Replacement Programme

What is the Bin Replacement Programme (BRP)?

This is a programme to replace 50,000 galvanised metal bins, used for general waste, within tenement backcourts across the city.  The bins will be replaced with wheeled bins of various sizes, the size of which will be determined by available space and access and egress to the bin storage area in the backcourt.

Additional blue wheeled bins, for the collection of paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and empty cans, will also be provided where required.

Why are the metal galvanised bins being replaced?

These bins are considered not fit for purpose as they are small and may be in poor condition which can lead to the spread of litter in backcourts, encouraging vermin and creating health and safety issues for both residents and council collection staff alike.

When will my bins be replaced?

The BRP will be undertaken in three phases over a three year period. 

The lessons learned from Route 1, Phase 1 will be used for when the BRP is rolled out in other areas of the city.

Phase 1 commenced in the North West of the City on 16 October 2017. 

Phase 2 is programmed to commence in April 2018 to the remaining flatted properties in the North of the city. 

Phase 3 is programmed to commence in April 2019 to flatted properties in the South of the city.

Residents will receive a letter from the council prior to the replacement of the bins.

Discussions are ongoing with Housing Associations (HA) across the city and if they have any backcourt improvement works programmed, consideration may be given to replacing bins at these locations earlier than the programme above.

What will happen at my address?

  • If you have galvanised metal bins for general waste, these will be removed and replaced with wheeled bins.  The size and number of wheeled bins will vary from property to property dependent on space within and access to the backcourts and/or /bin storage areas.  Additional blue bins will also be provided.

  • If you already have wheeled bins for general waste, these will remain and additional blue wheeled bins will be provided.

  • In some cases, existing standard style wheeled bins for general waste and recycling, may be replaced with larger wheeled bins for ease of use. 

How will the programme benefit me?

The replacement of bins will bring significant benefits to residents.  It will help make our city a cleaner and better place to live, work and play by transforming our city's backcourts.  The replacement bins will make it easier for residents to dispose of general waste and recycle more.


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