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Woodside Mini Holland

Woodside Mini Holland project was resubmitted to the Community Links Plus competition in 2017 after being successful in winning the previous year with the South City Way. The Woodside Mini Holland bid navigated a 3 stage judging process with Glasgow being successful in achieving funding for the second year in a row. This will mean £8 million for the development of the project over a period of 3 years.

The project is considered as having four main elements:

  • Place. Enhancing the road environment is vital to making this area a lucrative place to visit and attractive to pass through.
  •  Segregated cycle tracks. Safe, dedicated cycle tracks, more attractive pedestrian space and excellent public transport connections.
  • Permeability and Connectivity for the Woodside area to include Woodlands
  • Outreach work. At least 5% of the project budget will be allocated for outreach activities aimed at encouraging active and sustainable travel, working closely with partners and community organisations.

The project would comprise a strategic segregated cycle route along Garscube Road, Woodlands Road and St George's. The nature and densities of the residences in the location, primarily tenement flats served by quieter streets, make it an ideal location to incentivise walking and cycling. The proposals will utilise Quiet-ways to serve the core segregated cycle lane that will link to the Forth and Clyde Canal, regeneration work at Port Dundas and Sighthill and integration with the programmed improvements to Sauchiehall Street.

This project has potential to provide a launch pad for future schemes of Glasgow's cycle network as well as place-making, permeability works and providing a behaviour change campaign.

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