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Cracking Christmas school lunches come early

Published on Thursday 14 December 2017

Cordia Christmas lunches

Schools across Glasgow will be celebrating Christmas in true festive style with 550 turkeys, 2.3 tonnes of Brussel sprouts and 1,750 kg of potatoes.

Cordia (Services) Ltd is serving up all the trimmings this week with its festive themed menu - its biggest ever Christmas banquet.

Across the city, staff will be preparing 550 turkeys, peeling 1,750kg potatoes and chopping up to 800kg carrots. All of which will be served and eaten by Friday afternoon, topped off with countless gallons of gravy.

Over 180 primary, secondary and ASL schools with be enjoying the delicious three course meal.

The menu offers pupils a number of options including the traditional roast turkey with gravy, alongside the usual items of fruit, vegetables, bread and milk. Halal and vegetarian options, normally provided in schools will also be available to pupils.

Julia McCreadie, Cordia's Head of Encore and Facilities Management, said: "Christmas is always a busy period for our catering staff. Preparing a feast of this size is an impressive achievement and I'd like to thank them all for their hard work.

"This time we have even more food than the year before - which we didn't even know was possible! It's a great way of getting the pupils into the festive spirit and we would to like wish them all a very Merry Christmas."

Cordia has provided catering services in Glasgow City Council's 138 primary, 30 secondary and 24 Additional Support and Learning (ASLs) schools since its establishment in 2009

Published on Thursday 14 December 2017

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