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Bike Security

Bike Security

Making sure your bike is securely locked will make it less likely it could be stolen.

It is recommend that you use a good quality "D-Lock" or Shackle lock.

Good quality locks are marked with the Sold Secure holographic label and the security rating of your lock can be checked online through the Sold Secure website.

It's also important that the lock is used correctly.

When locking your bike, we recommend you use a GCC cycle rack.

This is one which, in addition to the main rack, includes a tap plate.

This provides an anchored closed loop from which the bike cannot be easily removed, even if the rack becomes unseated from its mounting.

The D Lock should pass through the back wheel, frame and cycle rack as shown above.

If you have quick release wheels use an additional lock for the front wheel or a quality security cable.

Remember to remove any valuable items such as lights, GPS units.

If you see any suspicious activity, someone cutting or attempting to break a lock ,or have to report a theft that has taken place, call the Police.   

Police Scotland: 101

If you love your bike, lock it securely!

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