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Over the next 20 years, City Deal Glasgow will help re-energise our city, citizens and communities. Our programme of projects within our city boundary will bring large tracts of land back into use, bring new infrastructure, offices, jobs and houses which will help to build up Glasgow and its people.

This massive £400 million urban renewal puts our residents and communities at its heart helping to create vibrant and thriving neighbourhoods with homes and jobs to support our growing population.

The City Deal Glasgow projects will see the upgrading and regeneration of large areas of Glasgow including the city centre; Sighthill and the canal area; Collegelands, Calton and the Barras; the Clyde waterfront and the west end.

In all cases it is building on and moving forward in Glasgow's amazing regeneration story as a can do, exciting and ambitious city.


Listed below are some of the projects that City Deal Glasgow are currently working on:


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