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Glasgow City Council

British Sign Language Users Urged to Air their Views

Published June 12, 2018

British Sign language (BSL) users, their families and interested parties are invited to share their views on how Glasgow City Council and partners can make their services more accessible. 

BSL users are encouraged to suggest practical measures which could assist them at school, in employment training and while socialising in the city.

The council will use these suggestions to create a BSL Action Plan that will outline how they will promote and support sign language locally.

The online consultation poses questions like:-

How can we ensure children, young people and their families who use BSL get the support they need at all stages of their learning?

Respondents will also be asked how the council could make it easier for the BSL community to enjoy the city's vibrant cultural scene such as arts, music, museums and festivals.

How to encourage more BSL users to get involved in council decision-making is another area of the consultation.

For the first time, questions have been filmed in BSL and people are invited to respond in English or BSL.

Councillor Jennifer Layden, City Convener for Equalities and Human Rights, said: "We want input from people who use BSL with personal experience of any barriers or issues which occur when accessing our services. Their feedback will help mould the council's draft BSL Action Plan which will then be available later in the summer."

The consultation document is available on the council's Dialogue Hub

The deadline for responses is July 15th and anyone who needs help completing the survey should email for assistance.

Published June 12, 2018

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