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Canal Stalled Spaces

What is it?

The deadline for submitting applications is Monday, 21 October 2019 by 5 pm.

In  2018, the Glasgow Canal Regeneration Partnership was successful with a bid to Heritage Lottery Fund - Great Place Scheme. This bid provides a unique opportunity to test out activities and innovation around Glasgow Canal while harnessing and celebrating its cultural, economic and environmental heritage.

The Canal Stalled Spaces scheme forms an early activity of the programme and is being rolled out as a pilot grant scheme to support innovative projects for activating stalled or underused spaces in the gateway area of the Glasgow Canal Corridor.

Guidance for Proposals

The Canal Stalled Spaces scheme aims to encourage projects that:

  • Are imaginative in the processes employed to improve and activate spaces.
  • Create meaningful opportunities for social enterprises or creative practitioners to work with other professionals and communities within the area, focusing on testing ideas, activating spaces, encouraging production, building skills and fostering micro economies.
  • Will generate a positive impact on the area, enhance and promote the Canal and the public realm, improve access to facilities and their use by local communities.
  • Will act as exemplar projects to inspire and influence future practice for creative people, within communities.
  • Will demonstrate the value of creativity and public engagement as a regenerative tool.

Application Criteria

Please refer to the specific criteria below for the Canal Stalled Spaces scheme.

  • Location - Projects must be based in spaces within the programme focus area as identified in the Glasgow Canal Stalled Spaces Map.
  • Who can apply - Creative or socially-motivated not-for-profit groups / organizations that are either based in Glasgow or working in partnership with groups, organisations, businesses or individuals based in the Canal area are eligible to apply. Groups must be constituted.
  • Priority Areas - Projects must cover one of the following priority areas:
    • Land earmarked for development but stalled;
    • Underutilised spaces;
    • Facades or elevations of buildings, prominent or visible from a street/path;
    • The canal waterway;
    • Streets, walkways or other public spaces
  • Permissions - Information on ownership must be available and permission to use the space must either be agreed upon or under discussion.  Please contact us if assistance needed for this.
  • Engagement - Projects must be socially engaged - all proposals must highlight plans for community engagement

Apply now

The following provides the application form and related guidance for anyone who wishes to apply for Canal Stalled Spaces support.

Once the proposed works are complete all supported projects will be required to submit a monitoring/evaluation form and supporting evidence.



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