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Glasgow City Council

Business Improvement Districts

A Business Improvement District (BID) is about businesses working together and investing collectively in local improvements, in addition to those delivered by the statutory authorities, which will be of benefit to the businesses involved whilst contributing to the wider aspirations of the local residential community and growing the local economy.

In Glasgow there are currently two approved BIDs in the following areas:

Byres Road and Lanes


In line with the relevant regulations, Glasgow City Council will have the responsibility for issuing the BID levy bills and collecting the levy on behalf of the BID. A Final Demand will be issued immediately if payment is not made, and will be followed by a notice of recovery proceedings. Glasgow City Council has powers under 'The Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006 (Business Improvement District levy) Order 2007' to recover the levy in the event of non-payment using a summary warrant or decree.

If you have a query regarding BIDs please use our BIDs Contact Form

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