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Industrial Action 23-24 October

Published: 10 October 2018

Members of two of the major Trades Unions representing council workers, GMB and Unison, are taking strike action on Tuesday 23 October and Wednesday 24 October. 

The council made every effort to avert the strike, which will have a very significant impact on care, education and some other services.

What is the strike over?

The action is related to negotiations to settle equal pay claims.

Earlier this year, the council and the claimants' representatives - which include the two unions that have called the strike - agreed to a timetable of negotiations up until the end of this year.

The council expects to make an offer to claimants in December, as agreed. However, industrial action may effect this timescale.

What is the council doing to try and stop the strike?

We have made every effort to negotiate with trade unions, but they have been unwilling to withdraw the strike.

Where can I get more detail about the impact on services I use?

The services that will be disrupted are, primarily, ones where we are able to identify users - for example, people receiving a homecare package, or pupils attending our schools.

Wherever possible, we have communicated directly with individuals and families.

However, there may also be some impact on other services and you can find further details below.

Update - 12 October

Letters are being sent to Home Care service users over the next three days to advise them how the strike will impact on their care and allow them time to make alternative arrangements and seek support from family, carers or others.

Update - 10 October

  • Care

There will be significant disruption to a range of services, including Homecare, and we will concentrate resources on priority services and the most vulnerable users.

Where we anticipate services being withdrawn or significantly altered, we will contact users directly.

  • Education

Early years establishments, ASL schools and mainstream primary schools are expected to close on both days - with the execption of Knightswood Primary School and Nithsdale Road Nursery.

Schools have communicated with parents directly.

We expect all mainstream secondary schools to open on both days - however, some individual pupils may need to stay at home if we are unable to provide appropriate support. Schools are contacting parents directly.


Published: 10 October 2018

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