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February 2019

National Month of Action

In February Sense over Sectarianism (SOS) held the first ever "National Month of Action" for Schools across Scotland. Working in partnership with Action on Sectarianism SOS featured as the Tackling Sectarianism project for the month of February.

There were 2 key elements to the month of action. The first ever national tackling Sectarianism schools competition attracted interest and entries from across the country and a Secondary School tour of "Scarfed for Life" provided 10 performances in schools across west central Scotland.

The winners of the national awards who each received £250 for their schools were as follows:-

Art Display Competition

Pupils were invited to make art about the topic of sectarianism/tackling sectarianism.

Primary Award winner was Dalry Primary School in North Ayrshire

Secondary Schools Award winner was Ross Hall Academy in Glasgow

School Project Competition

Submissions to include a 2 minute YouTube video with a 300-400 word overview.

Primary Award winner was St Thomas's Primary School in Glasgow

Secondary Schools Award winner was Kirkintilloch High School in East Dunbartonshire

Scarfed for Life Tour

The Citizens Theatre young company performed 2 shows a day for 5 days to an average audience of 80-90 secondary students as a means of reinforcing the study of the play in school or as an introduction to the play before reading the text.

The feedback from students and teachers alike was incredibly positive and there is definitely scope to repeat the experience so that other schools can get involved.

For more information about this event or any other SOS initiative please contact

January 2019

Holocaust Memorial Event

Every January Sense over Sectarianism organise and deliver the Glasgow Schools Holocaust memorial event in the Banqueting Hall of Glasgow City Chambers. This year is no different and the event will take place on Tuesday 29th January from 10am - 12 Noon.

The invited audience will consist of around 400 people including primary and secondary school children and staff, representatives from Interfaith Scotland, Local Elected Members and Senior Education staff.

This year the event will be hosted by two S5 pupils from Holyrood Secondary and the audience will witness a drama performance by Lourdes Secondary and listen to music and songs from the Glasgow Schools String Ensemble and the newly formed St Bride's school choir.

The audience will also hear readings about the Holocaust and subsequent genocides by young people from Whitehill Secondary School and Merrylee Primary School.

The headline of the programme however involve two very special guest speakers. Martin Stern is a Dutch born Holocaust survivor and he will recount his story which is sure to be of great interest. The second headline speaker is Farida Abbas a young Yazidi survivor from the ISIS attacks on her community in Iraq.

The event will surely be one to remember and have a deep and meaningful impact on everyone involved.

For more information about this event or any other SOS initiative please contact

December 2018

Prevent Resources

Sense over Sectarianism Development Officer Mark Adams has been managing the "PREVENT" resources project on behalf of the Scottish Government Safeguarding and Vulnerability team.

This has resulted in a suite of resources being quality assured and published in the National Improvement Hub of the Education Scotland Website.

Two of the lesson packs are unique in that they have been developed from excellent web resources and published in a format that makes them more suitable for teaching in a school environment.

Both the "Extreme Dialogue" and the "No Hate Speech" websites contain detailed information about their subject matter with lots of background material and strong issue based resources.

By targeting specific videos and lessons on these websites, and packaging them into a PDF format, they are now tailored to be taught over standard school period times, and linked into the relevant Experiences and Outcomes from the Curriculum for Excellence.

Each resource now comes with 4 lessons across their respective packs in order that they can be taught easily and gain the most impact with the students. These packs are cross curricular and can be taught in a variety of classes from Modern Studies to PHSE.

November 2018

Lanark Grammar School

The Sense over Sectarianism team have been delivering in partnership with Lanark Grammar in South Lanarkshire across October and November this year as part of a new initiative.

Newly appointed RME teacher Lauren Logan had previously worked with SOS in her previous post at Woodfarm High School in East Renfrewshire. She said "I saw the value and impact of the work at first hand in my previous post and was really keen to get it added to the curriculum in my new school".

As part of the initiative the young people who are part of the integrated ASN unit at Lanark also took part in lessons. The flexibility of the Scarfed for Life resource meant that that all of the young people could read the text and participate in the lessons at their own pace and level.

Working together to team teach the resource pack every Monday helped the school staff to deliver the resource right across the S2 year group over 5 weeks of lessons. Meaning that every mainstream and ASN pupil took part in the project.

To round off the initiative some of the young people will have the chance to meet Scarfed for Life author Martin Travers as he visits school for a Question & Answer session.

For more information about this resource or any other SOS resources please contact

October 2018

National Month of Action


Sense over Sectarianism Awards

The first ever Sense over Sectarianism Month of Action will be take place in February 2019.

There are three main elements to the month which we will detail and publicise as February approaches. This month we are delighted to announce details of our first ever SOS National Competitions and Awards

Competitions: "SOS Awards"

Four awards will be split over two competitions:

o Art Display Competition (pupils will be invited to make art about the topic of sectarianism/tackling sectarianism)

§ (1) Primary Award and (1) Secondary Schools Award

o School Project Competition (submissions to include a 2 minute YouTube video with a 300-400 word overview)

§ (1) Primary Award and (1) Secondary Schools Award


The competitions will have a national coverage. We hope that they will be pupil led wherever possible and will be voted on by public vote via Twitter. Prizes of £250 for each award will be made to the winning schools. Videos will be hosted on the Action on Sectarianism (AoS) YouTube channel.


Key competition timings:

- 8th November comps open

- 25th January comps close

- 1st February twitter polls open

- 8th February twitter polls closes at Midday

- 14th February winners announced


All of the activity and updates will be on social media. The SOS Twitter and AoS Twitter and Facebook so please keep a look out for latest news.

Additionally, SOS will have a dedicated page on the AoS website where all content will be housed for the Month of Action. We will link people to this page in all of our social media channels.

For more information about this competition or about the month of action or indeed any other SOS resource please contact

September 2018

Holyrood Secondary School

The Sense over Sectarianism resource "Employment, Social Media & Sectarianism" has been successfully delivered across Glasgow secondary schools for the past few years. Addressing important issues around how the "Digital Footprint" of a young person can effect both their employment and educational opportunities as they prepare to move from school to the next stage in their lives.

Holyrood Secondary School in Glasgow is one of the biggest in Europe and the resource has been delivered to senior pupils over the past 2 years. Due to the sheer number of senior pupils in Holyrood this has had many logistical challenges.

As a result in the 2018 - 19 academic term we have partnered with the school senior management team to deliver something different. A series of 5 assemblies have been designed to be delivered to all circa 270 pupils in the same hall at the same time.

The interactive nature of the delivery has successfully engaged the young people and encouraged stimulating "peer to peer" discussion around these important issues. In addition the series of 5 assemblies are being delivered over an elongated period to allow for reflection and critical thinking amongst the senior pupils.

Holyrood DHT Adele Dastey told us that "These assemblies are an important way to get across important information to the young people and being delivered in the way we have designed with SOS has thus far proven very successful".

For more information about his resource or any other SOS resources please contact

August 2018

PREVENT Resources Project

As a result of the successful Sense over Sectarianism led Tackling Sectarianism resources project in partnership with the Scottish Government and Education Scotland across late 2016 and early 2017, the SOS team were once again asked to lead on a large teaching resource project with the same partners in late 2017.

SOS have been delivering the Home Office initiated Workshops to Raise Awareness about Radicalisation (WRAP) across Glasgow City Council for some time and have worked with various partners. This work has centred on the danger of the radicalisation of vulnerable young people by groups such as Islamist Militants, Far Right Groups, Animal Rights Groups and Northern Irish Paramilitary Groups.

Clearly this is a sensitive area of work and it is of the utmost importance to ensure that our young people are supported and given the correct educational input to allow them to make the best decisions for their future.

The PREVENT resources project has as a result taken some time to process as a thorough examination and review of existing resources from right across the world has taken place. Several excellent resources have been identified and a short list has now been compiled.

Information about the launch of these resources and how to access and deliver them will be available in the near future.

For more information contact


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