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Early and Effective Intervention

Early and Effective Intervention (EEI) is a national framework for working with young people of 8 - 17 years who have been involved in offending behaviour.

Its purpose is to divert these young people away from statutory measures, where appropriate, and respond to the charge in a timely manner. This means that children and young people who have committed offences (with the exception of those who have committed offences of a serious nature) will be diverted from referral to the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA) and referred to the EEI process.

EEI is about partnership and focuses on multi-agency working. We coordinate the multi-agency process for EEI, which includes Education, Social Work, Police Scotland, Glasgow Life and the Third Sector, to get the best possible outcome for young people.

Our approach to preventing reoffending incorporates the key GIRFEC (Getting it right for every child) values and principles. These recommend that practitioners in all agencies who are working with children, young people and their families facilitate a pathway for help.

Sharing information across organisations helps identify young people's needs and risks at the earliest stage to allow quick action. Of particular focus, are the needs and risks contributing to, or arising from, offending behaviour or other concerns about their behaviour and wellbeing. The action then taken might include referring to an agency for support, providing direct interventions, or coordinating a multi-agency discussion to make sure the best outcome is delivered for the young person.

The circumstances of every young person we come into contact with are different, but our case studies give an example of how EEI can make a real difference. 

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