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Alcohol - Public Register

Public Register


    Search our Public Register for information on Alcohol Licences.

    What information is in the Public Register?

    You will find individual registers of applications received for:

    • Personal Licence
    • Occasional Licence
    • Premises Licence
    • Transfer of Premises Licence
    • Variation of Premises Licence (Major & Minor)
    • Premises Licence Extended Hours

    You will also find a register of current Premises Licences.

    In addition, the Public Register includes further datasets of commonly requested data:

    • Ward Analysis of Premises Licence
    • IDZ Analysis of Premises Licence
    • Licensed Premises numbers per year

    How often is the Public Register updated?

    The Public Register is updated regularly. Each dataset contains a timestamp in the header row that indicates when the dataset was last updated.

    Can't find what your looking for?

    If the Public Register doesn't contain the information you are looking for, you can make a formal request to the Licensing Board.  Find out more...


    Public Register


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