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Busking and Begging

Busking and begging are two issues that our City Centre Response team works with a range of partners on.


Busking and street performers can help to create a good atmosphere and bring pleasure to people, both local and visitors, sometime drawing significant crowds who enjoy the entertainment.

However, for those living or working in the city centre, busking can sometimes become intrusive or a nuisance.

Where issues emerge, our City Centre Response Team works with buskers, businesses, residents and partner agencies to look at any problems or issues and find shared solutions that can keep the area vibrant and welcoming for everyone.


Begging is an ongoing issue that affects every major city and town. Although not illegal in Scotland, many people who live and work in the city centre find it upsetting and intrusive.

Our City Centre Response Team works with a variety of statutory and voluntary organisations, as well as officers in other local authorities, to investigate ways of tackling this issue.

The team has worked with a variety of partners including Glasgow City MissionGlasgow Simon CommunityBarnardo'sMarie TrustLodging House Mission and Turning Point Scotland to create a pocket book guide of services that can be accessed by homeless or other vulnerable people begging in the City Centre. 

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