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Kay's story

Hi, I'm Kay Coombe, a 41 year-old single mum who lives next to the Maryhill HUB.

My son Sean is 10 years old and uses the centre on a daily basis to access the variety of clubs that are on, such as football and youth groups run by North United Communities. I use the centre too, to socialise in the community café and to play pool or table tennis with my son and his friends.

I think the centre is a great asset to the young people in Maryhill. I don't allow Sean to roam the streets, so he uses the HUB as a meeting point for his friends. Without it, he wouldn't have any place to go after school or at holidays.

During the summer Sean attended the summer programme ran by staff at the centre. It was a real lifeline for me, as I couldn't have done half the activities with him that he took part in. He really enjoyed the trips to Auchingillan outdoor adventure, canoeing and even the educational trips to the Glasgow Science Centre and Summerlee Heritage Centre.

Sean's said to me previously that the centre is better than anything in the local area and he really enjoys meeting friends and new people there. He met new friends from the Milton area during the summer too, as the staff were able to transport the young people to their other centre the ARC.

I would like to see the centre continue to flourish and allow Sean and his friends more opportunities in the future. The clubs are such an asset and I would hope they expand for more to have the experience Sean has had.

Robert's story

I'm Robert Couper, a 74 year-old retired engineer from Glasgow. After working for over 40 years in the Aerospace industry, I went on to study Art and Design.

I'm now a professional community artist and head up a group called the Maryhill Artists & Crafters, or the MAC Group as they're better known. I also run creative workshops at the HUB for filmmaking and photography, sculpture, origami, painting and drawing - all of which are free to attend.

The sense of community in the area is so overwhelming that I've become active in other parts of the centre. As well as being the local community artist here, I'm a member of various committees: the HUB steering group, which helps voice the opinions of the local community and get programmes up and running; the Residents Association; the Get Go Wyndford committee and last but not least, I'm a volunteer for the fantastic new Click and Connect Centre.

If you'd like more information on my classes at the HUB, get in touch via Community Safety Glasgow.

Sadie's Story

My Name is Sadie Cochrane. I am 68 years old and live in the Wyndford, Maryhill.

I was a housewife until my son was 14. From that point until I retired, I had a variety of jobs where I had the chance to work with people and help make a difference. From being a youth worker, to opening a support centre for addiction issues, it was definitely varied but very rewarding as I love to help others.

I think that because I've spent most of my life working with people, it's led me to take such an active role in the Maryhill HUB. I'm on the Steering Group Committee for the HUB, which involves helping to fundraise for programmes for the centre. We help organise car boot sales, fun days and special events for our older community members, such as day trips and Christmas lunches. I have also helped to get the Maryhill Foodbank into the HUB for four weeks and we hope to have them back in the near future.

I joined the HUB gym three years ago too. At that point, I couldn't even get down onto the floor for my induction. Now three years on, I am an active gym member who uses the centre on a daily basis and am comfortable enough to help others who join the gym, which I see as a great personal achievement.

As a retired woman, the centre gives me a reason to get up each morning and get out of the house. I just hope that people understand what great work is done at the Maryhill HUB and I hope there are more opportunities in the future for the community.

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