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Glasgow City Council

Mobile CCTV

Alongside our 420 CCTV cameras across the city, We have a fleet of 11 mobile CCTV vehicles capable of recording and transmitting images from cameras situated on telescopic poles on the roofs of the vehicles.

On a daily basis our mobile CCTV is used to prevent and deter antisocial behaviour by providing a presence patrolling the streets in the city centre and each of Glasgow's wards.

The vehicles are also used to provide security at major events like the 2014 Commonwealth Games, major football games and music festivals, as well as for day-to-day public space, construction site or property security.

The equipment inside our vehicles is state-of-the-art, capturing high quality images that can be transmitted in real time to our Glasgow Operations Centre. From there they can be monitored by staff and our partner agencies.

Two of our mobile CCTV vehicles are also Command and Control vehicles. This means they're capable of everything our other mobile CCTV vehicles are capable of, but can also act as mobile control centres. They each have four monitors inside the vehicle that are capable of receiving images from other CCTV vehicles and as such, act as 'mother ships'.

Where relevant footage has been captured in any of our mobile CCTV vehicles, the on-board hard drive stores the information and it can be immediately played back on a monitor inside the vehicle. This can often determine the guilt or innocence of persons who have allegedly committed offences.

In all cases, the CCTV Operatives will assess and evaluate images and if appropriate alert the emergency services and Incident Response Teams. All images are recorded and stored digitally, providing greater flexibility in the sharing of images in accordance with UK data protection law.

The footage captured can also be downloaded onto a disc to assist the police in their detection of offenders, in a format suitable for court. Police Scotland will sometimes come on joint patrols with us too, or borrow the vehicles to prevent crime and capture evidence where necessary.

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