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Glasgow City Council

Community Payback

We work in partnership with Criminal Justice Social Work Services to deliver the unpaid work element of Community Payback Orders.

Community Payback provides an alternative to a custodial sentence, offering offenders the chance to make amends for their offences by carrying out work to the benefit of communities within the city.

The unpaid work is of varying nature and involves cleaning and enhancing areas of Glasgow nominated by local people and community groups. The service operates wood workshops and by using recycled logs from Glasgow parks, creates products such as planters, benches or bird tables, which are then donated throughout our city.

Whilst completing their Community Payback Orders, offenders are provided with numerous training opportunities and work experiences, at our Enterprise Centre and Meiklewood facilities.

Post order, there is also an opportunity to volunteer for up to six months in meaningful roles through Recreate, another of our services that strives to improve our community. This service supports ex-offenders enhance the skills gained while on an un-paid work order and provides a setting and opportunity for individuals to learn new skills going forward.

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