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Glasgow City Council

Council approves shift in economic focus for City Development Plan

Glasgow City Council today (21 February) approved Supplementary Guidance on Economic Development within the City Development Plan - this guidance will now be submitted to Scottish Ministers for consideration.


Clyde Arc & Glasgow Skyline


Glasgow's City Development Plan - adopted in March 2017 - is the basis for planning and regeneration decisions in the city.  As well as this, it provides context and broad principles for a range of environmental and development based topics - one of which is Economic Development.


Today's decision is notable as it marks both the first time that the shift towards a knowledge economy in Glasgow has been included in the guidance, and a move away from a focus on business and industrial land to a wider consideration of what drives the city's economy and attracts investment.


These economic drivers include traditional economic development areas (71 business and industry locations throughout Glasgow), the city centre and other town centres, as well as hospitals and further education campuses - recognising that the latter two playing a key role in the city's economy and improving its knowledge base.


Another evolution in the guidance on economic development is the move towards a more flexible approach that may allow other, non-traditional business and industry uses to be promoted within certain economic development areas. 


Councillor Kenny McLean, City Convener for Neighbourhoods, Housing and Public Realm at Glasgow City Council, said: "These changes to the supplementary guidance within the City Development Plan will allow planning and regeneration decisions to be made that more accurately reflect the current and emerging trends in Glasgow's economy, and as a result grow our economy quicker and create more jobs."


Other elements of the City Development Plan already submitted to Scottish Ministers include guidance on sustainable transport, meeting housing needs, placemaking, and the historic environment among others.  This guidance provides the statutory basis for making decisions on planning applications in Glasgow.


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