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North City Way

Glasgow's City Ways programme aims to provide high quality, comfortable and direct cycle corridors radiating from the city centre to key destinations in the north, south, east and west of the city centre.  These routes deliver space for safer, more attractive and comfortable cycling and walking and include segregated cycle lanes, improved footways, pedestrian and cycle crossings, buffer zones to protect cyclists when parking cannot be removed and early starts for cyclists at signalised junctions. The South West City Way and West City Way have already proved to be very successful. Construction of the South City Way is well advanced and the first phase of the East City Way is currently being designed. 

The North City Way network is in the very early stages of development and will provide important active travel corridors in the north, forming part of Glasgow's overall cycle route network. The routes will connect new and existing communities, with better travel times and improved safety. The network will extend from the City Centre to the council boundary at Milton, via the Sighthill Cycling Village and a new 'active travel' bridge over the M8. The North City Way proposal was one of ten submissions from across Scotland that were successful in proceeding beyond stage 1 of the Sustrans/Scottish Government's 'Community Links Plus' funding competition (now called 'Places for Everyone'), visit the Sustrans website for more information. Initial scoping work to establish some early concepts is now ongoing, supported by community engagement and place-making workshops, seeking the views of local citizens.

The project will look at several potential options for north/south travel and east/west travel to determine potential routes and ways to improve connectivity between local communities and further afield. Glasgow City Council and its partner Sustrans will be working closely together with the local communities, with consultation events and other engagements activities to establish key issues. These include identifying where people currently travel, where people wish to travel in the future and seeking community input at all stages to ensure that the community has a strong influence on the development of the North City Way network.

Successful submissions that will advance to the Stage 3 level of the 'Places for Everyone' funding competition will be announced during July 2019.

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