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Sunnyside Primary pupils plea to schools to help with their latest campaign

Sunnyside Primary DrainCampaign

Pupils at Sunnyside Primary school are calling on their fellow schoolmates to join them in their latest campaign which aims to highlight the consequences of dropping litter on sea life.

As part of their #DrainCampaign, the Sunnyside Ocean Defenders want to see schools across the city create an ocean colour scene around their playground drains to show how discarded litter can affect marine life.

The school in Craigend describes itself as a "conservation school" with the motto "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children".

In 2017, pupils launched their #NaeStrawAtAw campaign on social media after learning how plastic can kill seabirds, fish, turtles and cetaceans. Since then they have been working with businesses and other schools about ending the use of plastic straws and adopting more eco-friendly alternatives.

Lisa Perrie, Principal Teacher, explains: "Last year we ran a few really successful campaigns raising awareness of single use plastic.  This year our focus is on litter and the fact that the litter we drop on our streets and in our playground can ultimately end up in the ocean.

"We have created some sassy sea characters who are all pretty miffed at our lack of care with our rubbish.

"That's why we are asking schools and businesses across the city to do something simple in the week running up to World Oceans Day.

"We will be creating some pretty spectacular scenes around our playground drains and would love for other schools across the city to do the same.  Our hope is this would create a visual link between the discarded litter on our streets and playgrounds to the scunnered seals in the ocean."

To help with this, the Sunnyside Ocean Defenders have created some sassy Scottish sea characters for schools to replicate - from a Scunnered Seal, a Bilin' Basking Shark to the Crabbit Crab and Devastated Dolphin.

Councillor Anna Richardson, Glasgow City Council's Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, congratulated the pupils once again for their commitment.

She said: "Sunnyside Ocean Defenders continue to impress us all with the drive and motivation of the pupils.

"They have a firm understanding of the consequences of dropping and generating litter and what can happen when people disrespect our natural environment. And they are doing something positive to try to prevent it."

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