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Helping to improve outcomes for our pupils - widening access across the city

Published Monday 14 October 2019

A range of alternative courses, qualifications and scholarship information and signposts helping to improve destinations and career pathways are published in the new improving social mobility brochure and now available online to Glasgow schools and pupils.

Each year the special publication is updated to reflect the variety of work being carried out across the city with numerous partners and stakeholders - all with the key aim of overcoming barriers to learning and helping improve opportunities for every child and young person in Glasgow.

Maureen McKenna, Director of Education in Glasgow is passionate about making sure that there's equal opportunities in our schools and nurseries and said: "The publication is packed full of useful information, signposts and case studies that will provide our schools, young people and their families with the facts to make an informed decision about their senior pathways.

"In Glasgow we strive to make sure that every young person is equal and that they are exposed to the same opportunities regardless of their circumstances.

"We are committed to our young people being the best they can be and work relentlessly with our dedicated school staff and partners to break down any barriers to learning our families might encounter.

"This year our efforts have been endorsed by an outstanding report card from Education Scotland who awarded Glasgow's education services an excellent rating in improving learning, raising attainment and closing the poverty-related attainment gap.

"And our school statistics speak for themselves - School leaver destinations have continued to improve. In 2017/18 92.3% went to a positive destination - an all-time high for city schools.

"With well over a third of our young people now going to higher education - 38.9%  for 2017/18 - 12 years ago this figure was just 18%.

"I know that the wonderful work outlined in this publication has had a direct impact on our positive destination figures - and we will continue to raise the bar until we know that every young person leaving school has the skills for life and work and is on a positive career pathway.

"We will also continue to nurture and develop our very important partnerships with the college and university sector in the city to increase the opportunities available to our children and young people - not just in the senior phase - but from our very youngest citizens in our nurseries!"

Read the pdf icon Social Mobility Brochure 2019 [3Mb] to find out what's available.


Published Monday 14 October 2019

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