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Kerbside Collection Change

What is Kerbside Collection Changes?

Kerbside Collection Changes (KCC) is a frequency change in green bin collections for all properties who present their bins and receive a collection from the kerbside.

What is changing?

Your green bin collection will change from a two weekly service to a three weekly service.

Glass collections moved to an 8 week collection cycle on 20 July 2020 for all areas of the city.

Why is this changing?

In response to the climate emergency, we are committed to playing a key role in the development of a more sustainable city. Our new bin collection frequencies will help us to:

  • Encourage recycling and capture more quality materials
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Deliver savings and efficiencies (vehicles, routing and collections)

Will this change help Glasgow City Council?

  • An analysis was undertaken on our bins, which highlighted that approximately 60% of waste in the green bin is recyclable and can be placed in the blue, brown or purple bin
  • An average family in Scotland could save £460 per year by throwing away less food

How will we deliver the new service?

To support this we have identified the households that are impacted and plan to run our new routes in tandem with the existing routes for the first collection cycle so that no household is adversely affected.

How will you support households that require more bin capacity?

There is a process in place for larger households or households that have medical needs requiring larger bins.  In these circumstances households will be assessed and on completion of the relevant paperwork we will provide a larger 360 litre bin free of charge and remove the old green bin.  This will provide 120 litres of capacity per week, which is equivalent to what the household had prior to the change. 

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