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Hutchesontown (New Gorbals) Parking Controls

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We are currently undertaking the development and introduction of significant parking control schemes throughout the Glasgow area. Please see below some information regarding proposals to introduce parking controls in the Hutchesontown (New Gorbals) area. The proposed zone can be defined from its boundaries of the River Clyde to the north and east, Caledonia Road to the south and Cathcart Road, Laurieston Street and Crown Street to the west. The entire length of Caledonia Road and Ballater Street/ King's Drive will also be included in the proposals.

The area has been identified as experiencing commuter parking due to its close proximity to the city centre and is also adversely affected by events taking place on Glasgow Green.

The introduction of parking controls offers an effective solution towards managing the demand for the finite road space available through the prevention of all day commuter parking. Subsequently reducing the overall volume of traffic attracted to the area, whilst also increasing the turnover of parking spaces and improving road safety and traffic flow. Parking controls ensure the essential access required for emergency service vehicles, refuse collection and delivery vehicles.

The Proposals

We are proposing the introduction of a Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) similar to other zones out with the city centre and does not utilise conventional yellow restriction road markings. An RPZ would eradicate commuter parking in the area whilst discouraging parking during events in the evenings and weekends.

Parking and loading would only be permitted within a designated white parking/ loading bay within the RPZ boundary as the restriction out with the marked bays would be 'no waiting at any time' restriction which will have the effect of double yellow lines.

The proposals include the following measures:

  • A Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) throughout most residential areas.
  • The proposed chargeable hours are Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm to give maximum benefit to local residents and protect the area from both commuters and those attending events at Glasgow Green.
  • Shared use parking bays for permit holders or those who wish to pay to park.
  • Enforceable Disabled parking bays for disabled badge holders only (vehicles displaying disabled blue badges would also be permitted to park in shared use parking spaces for free and without limit of time).
  • Enforceable Motorcycle parking bays for solo motorcycles only.
  • Car club parking bays for car club vehicles only. For more information on Car Clubs please visit the CarPlus website or the Glasgow Car Club scheme provider Co Wheels webpage.
  • Electric Vehicle parking bays for electric vehicles only.
  • No Waiting and No Loading / Unloading at any time restrictions out with RPZ boundary
  • No Waiting at any time restrictions outwith signed parking/ loading bays within the RPZ boundary
  • Loading only places, during defined times, to allow for loading and unloading by any class of vehicle but allow parking out-with operational times.
  • Additional One way roads.
  • Resident parking permits at a cost of £85 per annum or £23.75 quarterly.
  • Business parking permits at a cost of £650 per annum.
  • Residents' visitors parking permits at a cost of £2 for a set 6 hour period.
  • Resident and business permit holders would be able to park without limit of time on any road or public parking space within the zone.
  • Those who wish to pay to park during chargeable hours would be subject to a parking charge of 20p for every 15 minutes (up to 1 hour) then 40p for every 15 minutes thereafter and a maximum stay limit of 3 hours.
  • The payment method would be by using a pay and display machine and displaying a ticket or by a cashless mobile phone payment system.

The above information, together with the associated plans and FAQ's, will also be available to view at the Gorbals Library, 180 Crown Street, Glasgow, G5 9XD and St Francis Community Centre, 405 Cumberland Street, Glasgow G5 0SE also from 28 February 2020 until 13 April 2020.

Feedback forms

A feedback form is available on this webpage for any comments you wish to make with regards to the proposals. You can also use this form to make any additional comments/suggestions with regards to general parking issues you currently experience in the Hutchesontown and New Gorbals area.

The feedback form can be completed by using our online form, or by completing our PDF form and emailing to or alternatively please return your feedback forms to Traffic and Road Safety, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX by Monday 13 April 2020.

The Next Steps

Any feedback received from the local community as a result of this community engagement exercise will be considered prior to commencing the statutory Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process.

The Council must then promote a TRO by following a statutory process, which is prescribed in The Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedures) (Scotland) Regulations 1999. This process consists of an initial "Consultation" stage where the Council consults with professional road users including emergency services, SPT and freight transport groups to ensure they have no fundamental issues.

The next "Publication of Proposals" stage of the statutory process is where the public will have the opportunity to comment, support or object to the proposals in writing. The proposals will be advertised in the Evening Times and notices displayed on-street. The TRO documentation will be available to view at Council offices and on a dedicated web page from the first day of publication.

It is expected that, dependent on any issues raised through the legislative process, the publication of these proposals should take place in Summer 2020.

Privacy Statement

To understand how and why we use your personal information please view a copy of our pdf icon Privacy Statement [42kb].


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