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Shielding - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most up to date Shielding guidance?

The most up to date  shielding advice can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Should I be shielding?

At present, everyone is being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. You can leave your home for essential purposes. This includes things like, going to the shops, going to the hospital appointments and picking up your prescription. Shielding is not being re-instated.  Those citizens that are on the shielding list are advised that they should follow the same guidance that is in place for the rest of the population.

Is it still safe for me to go back to work?

You should continue to work from home if you can. If you cannot work from home, you should not go to work. You will receive a letter from the Chief Medical Officer advising you of this. Your letter is called a shielding notification. It acts as a fit note for as long as lockdown is in place and can be shown to your employer. You do not need a separate fit note from your GP.

I am a shielded person but I have a hospital appointment to attend, do I still go?

Hospitals are currently reviewing their clinics and appointments. It is possible that this might be postponed or cancelled. You will be contacted directly by phone or letter if there are any changes to your care or appointments. If you do not hear anything then you should assume that your appointment will go ahead.

I have tried to register with the Scottish Government SMS service but keep getting an error message, what should I do?

The SMS Shielding Service is an automated process and there are a few reasons why you might be getting an error message;

  • You have submitted an incorrect CHI number. Please check the number against the CHI number on the top of your letter from the Scottish Government.
  • You have included additional information. Only text your 10 digit CHI number. If you include any other words or information, or a space at the end then you will receive an error message. Try again, ensuring that there are only 10 digits.
  • You don't have enough credit in your phone to send a text. Texts are charged at the standard network rate.
  • This was fixed if your GP or consultant advised you that you are in the Shielding Group but you haven't received a letter, you may find that there is a delay in being able to register whilst your records are updated. You cannot register until your CHI number has been added to the central database. Please keep trying over the next few days.
  • You are not registered on the list of patients that require to shield.

You should receive a text acknowledging your registration. If you are unsure if you are registered, you can text the word 'test' using the mobile that you would have used to register. You will then get an automated response that advises whether you are registered for the SMS service and if you have signed up for any particular services.

If you are having difficulty registering using the SMS service, and are eligible for the Scottish Government shielding programme, we can register on your behalf.

You can email us on providing your name, address and CHI number or call us on 0141 276 1185.

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