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Lord Provost praises volunteers at start of National Volunteers Week celebrations

Published 1 June 2020

Volunteers week

Glasgow's Lord Provost pays tribute to those who volunteer in recognition of their vital work as part of National Volunteers Week celebrations.

Lord Provost Philip Braat said: "I am delighted, this National Volunteers Week, to take the opportunity to personally thank everybody who volunteers. I know everyone across the city will agree, this unprecedented pandemic has shone an important spotlight on the value and importance of those who choose to volunteer."

City based charity, Volunteer Glasgow is helping support local organisations with volunteering and working with people who signed up offering their assistance in response to  the Covid-19 'Scotland Cares' national recruitment drive. The Scotland Cares campaign was launched by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in March. That appeal has attracted an additional 4,450 offers of help from Glaswegians.

Volunteer Glasgow manages the city's online platform which connects people with the charities, community groups, clubs and appropriate public sector programmes that need their support.

The Volunteer Glasgow team provide guidance and match people's individual skills, interests and experiences to available and suitable volunteering opportunities.

David Maxwell, Volunteer Glasgow's Chief Executive said: "We're encouraging people to join us and demonstrate their personal thanks for those who have volunteered over the last 12 months - before and after lockdown. Including the people who have offered their help during this national Covid-19 crisis response but haven't yet been able to do so. It's been inspiring to see so many helping neighbours and working with organisations to provide support across the city during this pandemic."

You can get involved and show your appreciation for people who volunteer by downloading Volunteer Glasgow's template thank you cards and window posters. Or alternatively create your own. Those who volunteer are also being encouraged to share their experiences.

The Lord Provost added: "Glaswegians are famous for their kindness and compassion. It is that sense of solidarity that motivates people to give their time to help others. At times of national crisis like this it gives us all hope for the future."

"These are challenging times and we can all become overwhelmed by the competing demands we face.  So it is really important to celebrate volunteers across this city and beyond. Time is a precious commodity - and they donate theirs. That generosity of spirit is what makes Glasgow so special. We all know that 'People Make Glasgow' a great place to live, work, study and visit.

"I take great pride in our city and everyone who volunteers. I have been lending my support to a range of volunteering groups throughout this crisis and it has been humbling to meet everyone working selflessly across our communities and to witness the real difference they make to those they help. I thank them all for their energy, enthusiasm, skill and experience. Your gift of time, hard work and support is a national cause for celebration and gratitude."

Anyone wishing to volunteer now or in the future can sign up via Volunteer Glasgow's digital platform. Similarly groups big and small needing more volunteers can also sign up to access the diverse skills and experience of people offering their assistance.

You can celebrate Volunteers Week and say thank you to everyone volunteering by using the ideas and resources available here.

There are also other resources available from Volunteer Scotland's website.

Sign up to volunteer and search for opportunities here or call the Glasgow Helps phone line on 0141 345 0543 (option 2).

Groups and organisations new to Volunteer Glasgow should register here or call the Glasgow Helps phone line on 0141 345 0543 (option 3).

Organisations already registered should use this link.

If you experience difficulties logging in, contact: or call: 0141 345 0543 (option 3).

Published 1 June 2020

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