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Glasgow City Council

Transport Strategy

What is it?

The Council is working on a new Glasgow Transport Strategy for the City in 2020/21. This will update and replace the existing Local Transport Strategy for the City (2007-09). The new transport strategy will be city-wide, and provide a framework for investment and decision-making on transport issues over the next 10 years. 

A Public Conversation on Glasgow's Transport Future was held for 6 weeks in September-October 2020. The results from this major public engagement can be found on our Connecting Communities webpage. This work is informing the ongoing development of the new Glasgow Transport Strategy.

A June 2021 update on the progress of the Glasgow Transport Strategy is available pdf icon here [1Mb].

Case for Change Stage

To support our Public Conversation on Glasgow's Transport Future in September and October 2020, a Draft Case for Change report was prepared. This is a technical report of evidence of problems to tackle in our new Glasgow Transport Strategy, opportunities to build on, draft outcomes and initial policy focus areas, and an initial discussion of how travel demand may change in the future. This report was then updated following the Public Conversation and has been finalised. You can read a summary version of this report pdf icon here [1Mb].

Impact assessment

Both Strategic Environmental Assessment and Equalities Impact Assessment processes are being applied to the development of the new city-wide transport plan strategy.

The Strategic Environmental Assessment screening assessment and determination for the Council's new transport strategy and Scoping Report can be viewed here.

The Equalities Impact Assessment screening form for the Council's new transport strategy can be viewed here.

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