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Standard Rental Agreements

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What is it?

Glasgow City Council (GCC) working with various industry stakeholders have produced a standard set of rental agreement for use of public assets.

We recognised that rental agreement negotiations are very time consuming and could be costly for both parties. In order to significantly reduce this time and therefore encourage roll outs we have standardised the process as much as is possible.

We have created the following rental agreement templates:

  • Small Cell Agreement
  • Rooftop Agreement
  • Macro Site Agreement
  • Wayleave Agreement

For more information on our templates and how to download click here.

Can the templates be changed?

Yes, the templates can be changed. We are looking to reach an agreement that works for both parties, these documents were created to minimise the negotiation period. Should these not meet your requirements then please make your suggested changes.

It is likely that any suggested changes to standard section within the template will involve a review by GCC, Engineering and Legal Teams and therefore may elongate timescales. 

However, we are always looking to work with key stakeholders with a view to continuously reviewing and refining the approach.

Asset Catalogue

To find how to use and view our interactive Asset Catalogue listing Glasgow City Council's assets please here.

Fees/Charging Structure

To find out the fees and charging structure for the Rental Agreements click here.

Next Steps

Any company looking to deploy GCC assets should select the appropriate template and fill in the required details.

If planning permission is required the normal planning process should be followed for more information click here.

All applications, documentation and queries should be sent to us by Email.  

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