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Glasgow City Council

Montrose Street

Update: 16 September 2021

Following an independent review which recommended the retention of those Spaces for People measures that could realise long term sustainability and active travel benefits, temporary footway widening infrastructure at this location will not be made permanent.


Montrose Street

Expected Work Start Date:

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Expected Work Completion Date:

Tuesday 15 September 2020




Footway widening.

Parking bays suspended to accomodate widened footways. Disabled parking bays unaffected.

 Montrose St


To allow the widening of the existing footways to enable physical distancing.


The temporary works will be in place from Tuesday 15 September 2020 for a minimum period of 10 weeks and reviewed in line with the Scottish Government's Covid-19 Framework for Decision Making 'Scotland's Route Map through and out of the crisis'.

Image of completed work:

Montrose St complete
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