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Hybrid working - managers' support

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The council family operates a diverse range of services and decisions about hybrid working must remain with services to make sure that the best outcomes are achieved for the city; balancing the need to support health and wellbeing of our staff and the delivery of our services.

Heads of Service will determine any additional guidance relevant to your area. Your HR Management Team can provide further support tailored to your service.

To support your planning and conversations with staff about a phased return to the office and hybrid working you'll find our generic guides and briefings below; these maybe supplemented by service specific arrangements.

Managers' guidance

Agree hybrid working arrangements with your staff and teams, where it is suitable to the role and the needs of the service delivery, following the guidance below:

Health and Safety - risk assessments

Managers have a responsibility for the health, safety and wellbeing of staff at work, use the following risk assessments to keep staff safe.

For the interim period, all staff working at display screen equipment (DSE) must complete a risk assessment for both working at home and in the office.

Complete an individual risk assessment, if required, to look at the specific risk of covid19 in the workplace for staff who were previously considered to be more at risk from coronavirus or have a concern or vulnerability about returning to the workplace during this time.

Property and FM support

For all general cleaning advice, additional routine cleaning will be provided where required and you can contact:

Level 1

First point of escalation regarding any issue or aspect of cleaning service

Area Operations Manager

Alison Wilson

07769 956 290

Level 2

In the unlikely event you don't receive a response from the team, or your issue remains unresolved at first level

Senior Operations Manager

Linda Andrew

07887 412 311

Level 3

If your issue remains unresolved at second level

Head of Service

Stephen Sawers

07901 224 410


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