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Friday 3 February

SAP update: key information for staff 

Further to the communication below here is a reminder of the key messages:

  • We expect the majority of employees pay will be accurate. 
  • We have not been able to include all pay variables- such as some expenses or travel/mileage claims, some overtime payments (My Portal users), changes to hours or grades, and some sickness related absences which impact pay.
  • this may result in a small number of employees being under or over paid - we aim to have any associated payments or deductions reflected in your next pay on 7 March 2023.
  • Payslips will be issued to staff who normally receive one in the post however, there may be a delay with this
  • My Portal remains unavailable at this time to view your payslip online

CFM service arrangements are as follows:

  • If you have a discrepancy which concerns you, the first step is to talk to your line manager
  • Where your line manager understands that the discrepancy is significant for you, or unexplained you/your Line Manager should contact Strategic HR with the details.  You can find contact arrangements below:



phone Wilma Benzie, HR Officer, on 07765 744 280.

Please do not contact CBS Employee Service Centre with any pay enquiries. 

SAP is used to manage our essential business processes such as payroll and accounts. As staff are aware the system encountered a severe technical issue, following a planned upgrade, and has been unavailable for a couple of weeks.

Extensive recovery work has been ongoing during this time to get identified issues resolved and the system operational for us to start processing core activity - in particular, council family payroll runs. During this period, our main priority has been to make sure that our staff continue to be paid on time.

Staff payroll

As of last weekend, a limited number of users have now been given priority access to a recovered SAP payroll system. They have been working tirelessly to update staff data in order to process the next payrolls due, in particular the City Building weekly payroll due on Friday 3 February and the four-weekly payroll for staff due on 7 February 2023.

Please note, that in order to prioritise staff pay on time, we have not been able to include all pay variables for some staff - such as some expenses or travel/mileage claims, some overtime payments (My Portal users), changes to hours or grades, and some sickness related absences which impact pay. We appreciate that this may result in a small number of employees being under or over paid. We aim to have all processing completed, adjustments made, and any associated payments or deductions reflected in your next pay on 7 March 2023.



Paper payslips will be issued to staff who normally receive one. Please note that delivery may be slightly delayed, and you may not receive this on the usual day.  If you use My Portal to view your payslip online, please note access is still not available. 


Pay enquiries

We expect that the majority of employees pay will be accurate. 

CBS Employee Service Centre are focused on ongoing recovery activities therefore please do not contact the Employee Service Centre with any pay enquiries. 

You should only raise a pay query if you believe a significant and unexplained discrepancy has occurred with your pay, you should follow our dedicated pay enquiry process as summarised below:

1.    Firstly, you must access your bank account, to view what you have been paid - if you normally receive a paper pay slip you can also check that when you receive it.

2.    If you think your pay is not what you were expecting, please check this against your previous pay (you can do this through your bank account and if you are paid 4 weekly, your last pay was paid on 10 January 2023). If you don't normally work overtime your pay should be the same every four weeks.

3.    Where you think there is a significant discrepancy in your pay, please carefully consider what this could be, remember at this stage we've not been able to process:

a.    Travel, mileage, and general expense claims.

b.    Overtime payments not authorised or processed through My Portal before 16 January 2023.

c.     Contractual changes for example, changes to hours or grades.

d.    A small number of sickness related absences which impact pay, for example move onto half pay or returning from half pay.   

These will be paid in your next pay on 7 March 2023.

4.     Where you believe you've not been paid or the discrepancy in your pay to be significant or unexplainedyou should in the first instance speak with your line manager. 

Where your line manager agrees that the discrepancy is significant or unexplained you should contact your Service HR Team, a service specific communication will be issued to advise you how to do that.

Booking annual leave

Whilst My Portal remains unavailable for you to view your annual leave quota and book time off - please continue to speak to your manager about any leave requests so that they can be recorded locally.  Once it is available, you must make sure it is updated for all leave requests that have been authorised in the meantime.


Staff will be kept informed and communicated with as soon as My Portal becomes available for general use. We are also keeping the Trade Unions updated on developments and progress to date.

Thursday 26 January

Key HMRC information for staff: SAP unavailable

As you are aware our SAP system which we use to manage our essential business processes such as HR, payroll, accounts payable/ receivable - is currently unavailable due to ongoing technical issues following a planned upgrade.  Extensive work is ongoing to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency to make sure we continue to deliver vital services across the city.


We are aware that staff may need access to a couple of documents that we would normally provide using information from our SAP system - in particular, your P60 and your P45. You are able to obtain both of these items online at HMRC as follows:


Your P60 is proof of the tax you've paid for that year and also shows how much you've earned over the tax year and how much you've paid in National Insurance contributions and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income tax. You may need to provide information from this for tasks such as submitting a Self-Assessment Tax Return.

You can access your P60 information directly from your online HMRC Personal Tax Account. If you don't already have an online Personal Tax Account you can create one at


Your P45 provides a new employer, details of how much taxable salary you've paid over the course of the current tax year, along with how much has been deducted, and your tax code at the time of leaving your last job. 

If you need a P45 you will need to login to HMRC and complete an online form, called a New Starter Checklist (previously called a P46). This is a tax form that makes sure you are allocated the correct tax code when starting a job and you pay the correct amount of income tax.

You can complete the New Starter Checklist for HMRC using the online form at:

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) helpline for any support and guidance: 0300 200 3300.

Thursday 26 January

Opportunity for you to chat to a mental health professional - at a Virtual Appointment Day

If something is playing on your mind at work, spaces are available to talk to a mental health professional from Able Future, in complete confidence, at the next virtual appointment day on Thursday 9 February, from 7am to 5pm.

Your call is confidential

On the virtual appointment day, a member of 'The Better Health Generation Team' from Able Futures will phone you, at your chosen time, to discuss how they can support you.

During your call you can have a confidential chat about whatever it is that is playing on your mind whilst at work. Able Futures will discuss the support available to you and if you decide to access this, they will be able to take your details whilst on the call and help you start your journey to mental wellbeing, at your own pace.

This service is fully confidential, and the council will not be made aware of any personal appointments or bookings.

How to book

You can book your timeslot at

The call will take up to 30 minutes and you will need the following information to register for the phone call:

  • National insurance number
  • Email address
  • Start date of current employment.

Support is available now

You don't have to wait until the appointment day, you can apply through the Able Futures website at any time for support. This confidential service is quick and easy to access:

If you need a private safe space to talk to Able Futures or need flexibility to balance this with work and personal commitments, then you should talk to your manager to discuss how this can be accommodated.

Visit our health and wellbeing support

For more information go to


Friday 20 January

SAP - important information


We use SAP to manage our essential business processes such as HR, payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable.  As you are aware SAP is currently unavailable for use - this is due to ongoing technical issues following a planned upgrade that took place last weekend.

CGI are working hard with the council to resolve this issue and have confirmed that a system restore is required. 

In the meantime, we are unable to make timely payments from the system for example to staff, suppliers and other key stakeholders. As a result, these payments will be delayed, and this includes some council family payroll runs.

Payments to staff

We have contingency measures in place for our payroll runs to make sure that staff are paid despite these technical issues - this is a priority for us.  

Please be reassured that all staff will be paid.

However, as these contingency measures will be using previous data, the affected pay runs may not include elements such as recent overtime or deductions for industrial action.  At this time, Education (teachers) and City Building staff payrolls are impacted.  Any salary anomalies will be rectified as soon as possible. 

If you are affected by this issue, you will receive further communications from your Service/ ALEO directly.  Due to these issues, CBS staff are unable to provide any information on individual cases.  Access to My Portal also remains unavailable for all purposes, this includes booking annual leave and viewing your payslip.

Full system restore

The restore will start today, Friday 20 January 2023 and is expected to run until Sunday 22 January 2023, when we expect only a limited number of critical users will be granted access to progress priority payroll activity.

Following a full restore council teams will then need time to verify and check all data in SAP.  Further work may be required to update the system following these checks.

All staff will be kept updated on developments.

Tuesday 17 January

Time to Talk - Thursday 2 to Wednesday 8 February

Time to Talk Day is a national mental health campaign which takes place in early February each year. It is organised by See Me, Scotland's national programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.

In partnership with See Me, we are committed to supporting the mental health of our staff and providing the appropriate wellbeing support routes. We want to help raise awareness about the different ways we can all start a conversation about our mental health. Each and every conversation helps reduce stigma and create supportive workplaces where we can talk openly about mental health and feel empowered to seek help when we need it.

'Time to Talk' takes place on Thursday 2 February and is all about us taking the time to connect with someone and start a conversation about our mental wellbeing. This year the theme is around the importance of making space in our day for a conversation about mental health.

Having a chat - anytime that week

Talking and listening are very much at the heart of the day. Taking time out in a relaxed environment, to catch up with a colleague, can help to support and empower each other to talk freely about how we feel or what is on our minds.

So, during this week, from Thursday 2 February - Wednesday 8 February you are encouraged to set aside some time for a 'cuppa and a chat' with a colleague - either virtually or physically.

We want to encourage all staff to actively have conversations with one another about mental health - visit our support page for help to get your conversation started or come along to the webinar on the day for top tips. It really doesn't take much to show someone you are willing to listen. Why not catch up over a coffee or even over a phone call? For example, you could talk about how money worries and the cost of living can impact mental health or even chat about a person you admire who has been a strong voice for speaking openly about mental health.

Join us on the day

On the day you can also join us for a bite sized 30-minute webinar, in partnership with the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), on 'Having the Mental Health Conversation'.

The webinar explores the topic of mental health and wellbeing and offers top tips on how to start a supportive and compassionate mental health conversation.

Join us on Teams from 10am to 10.30am. Sign up here.

Support to help you start that conversation

There are lots of resources to help you start a conversation with a colleague and take 'time to talk' - including fun interactive activities.

Mental Health Support for Staff


NHS 24


For urgent health advice out of hours, when your GP Practice is closed.



Phone 111 (24/7)



Workplace Options


Employee Assistance Service



Free, confidential, independent advice and support for staff. Available anytime to chat about any issue that matters to you.


Freephone: 0800 247 1100 (24/7)


Bullying & Harassment helpline: 0800 042 0135


Addiction helpline: 0808 196 9460


LGBT helpline: 0800 138 8725


BME helpline: 0800 288 4950



Breathing Space


Free, confidential phone line for anyone in Scotland feeling low, anxious or depressed.


Freephone: 0800 83 85 87

(open 24 hrs at weekends, 6pm to 2am weekdays)







Free, confidential support and a safe place to talk about whatever you're going through.



Freephone: 116 123 (24/7)






Further health and wellbeing support

Your Staff Health and Wellbeing handbook contains lots of important information on mental health support - it is available on our staff website at

Friday 13 January

Chief Executive Message

Happy New Year and I hope that everyone was able to relax and enjoy the festive break with families and friends.

And my gratitude to those staff who were working over the holidays to deliver essential services to our citizens - I know that your efforts will have been worthwhile and meant many Glaswegians will have seen a friendly face and no disruption to their care and services.

There is still a lot of doom and gloom in the news - coupled with the weather and dark nights - it is hard to see light at the end of the tunnel sometimes.

But we do have a lot of positives in the months ahead - more international events in the shape of the UCI Cycling Championships in the summer - which will bring competitors and visitors to the city from around the globe.

It will also give Glasgow the chance to shine with television coverage beamed across the world too - Glasgow always rises to the occasion and this time will be no different.

This year we will also see the next round of equal pay settlements being made and I know this will bring much relief to many of our staff and I thank them for their patience in what has been a complex negotiation to reach the financial deal.

We also need to turn our attention to the annual council budget which will be set in February of this year, and the impact this is bound to have.

You will remember I wrote to you in November to tell you about the council's financial forecast for next year. This said that we would need to save around £120 million next year.

As we do every year, we continually update and refine these forecasts and, following the Scottish Government's statement before the end of last year, there has been a marginal improvement in our position.

It is, however, complicated. Decisions taken in the government's budget mean that we essentially now must deal with Social Work - which represents almost a third of our spending - separately from the rest of the council family.

Our forecast spending gap was £120m across the whole family. It is now around £70m - but, while this may sound like a healthy improvement, this does not include any of the significant budget pressures facing social work and social care.

The extent of those pressures is for the Health and Social Care partnership and the Integrated Joint Board to consider - but I think it is clear that, taken together, the financial challenge facing the wider council family has reduced only very slightly.

I know that these figures will be very worrying but please be reassured that your colleagues are working exceptionally hard to make sure we can continue to deliver the statutory services our communities, citizens and businesses rely on.

You can read the update financial forecast here 

Thank you once again for your continued commitment to the people of Glasgow and I will keep you updated on budget developments when I can.

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