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Glasgow City Council

Catering and FM

June 2022

Thursday 30 June - Equal Pay Update

As part of our last equal pay update on June 10, we explained that negotiations had unfortunately been paused for a number of weeks due to circumstances outwith the council's control.

At that point, we were uncertain if this pause would have an impact on when it will be possible to make offers and payments to claimants. It is now clear that it will.

You will be aware it had previously been hoped that initial offers could be made to some claimants as early as August - with more to follow in October. Having now been able to resume discussions, all parties - including the trades unions and legal teams representing claimants - agree that this is no longer achievable, and the proposed timelines will need to be extended.

At this stage, we do not have definitive dates to share with you - however, everyone involved is conscious that, even after agreement is reached, there is a major administrative exercise to be completed to issue offers and process payments.

We have a series of negotiation meetings scheduled for July and August and all parties remain committed to making progress on outstanding matters as soon as possible.

We are also working hard to understand what the likely new timeline will be and, once we have more detail, we will update you further.

Tuesday 21 June 

To all Colleagues in Catering and FM

As we approach the end of the school term, many of you on a term-time contract will be looking forward to a well-deserved break. For those of you that are 52-week, we hope that you have some holiday plans to enjoy.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work, support and commitment to delivering council-wide services.

For the attention of our cleaning staff

As you will be aware, because of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, we had to react quickly to Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland guidance related to enhanced and additional cleaning across all our areas. Now restrictions have largely been removed and the Scottish Government has recently updated its guidance in non-health care settings, we now need to review our service and cleaning needs across each location. 

Last week we updated Trade Union colleagues that we are now developing a plan which will re-balance and realign cleaning resources across the whole of our business area. For many colleagues there will be no change, however, for some we will need to assign you to another location/shift patterns - but we will keep these moves within your local area to minimise any disruption for you. This is to ensure our cleaning services are delivered where they are needed most.

We will engage with you over the coming months as we start to develop the changes to our service delivery model, and we will keep you updated through the usual communications channels.

If you have any questions or queries, please raise these in the first instance with your Area Operations Manager.

With kind regards

Senior Management Team - Catering and FM 


Monday 13 June - Equal Pay Update

Some time has now passed since we last communicated with staff about equal pay matters and we felt it was important to provide an update on the current position.

Unfortunately, due to an issue affecting those representing some claimants and over which the council had no control; negotiations were unable to take place for a number of weeks.

This, inevitably, has posed a challenge for all parties - particularly in terms of meeting the proposed timeline for offers, which was already tight.

Negotiations have now resumed.  We don't yet know for sure what impact the recent pause will have on our ability to conclude negotiations within the planned timescale, but all parties are committed to making progress on outstanding issues.

We appreciate that these matters directly affect many of our staff. The council is committed to resolving equal pay issues and we will continue to keep you updated.

Wednesday 8 June - Job Evaluation - is your job listed? Volunteer today

Over 650 staff who are in benchmark jobs have now been interviewed, or are scheduled to take part, in the process to evaluate jobs in the council.

The main part of a job evaluation interview is simply talking about your job and what you do daily. The format is the same for all benchmark job holders and follows a standard questionnaire, as set out in the SJC Job Evaluation Scheme (the scheme used by most Scottish councils).

The evaluations of these jobs (covering around 80% of council staff) will support the development of a rank order of jobs which is the foundation for a new pay and grading scheme - this part will be a separate project.

What staff said

Staff who have taken part in job evaluation interviews are asked to provide feedback, this is what they told us:

  • "The analyst appeared to have a good understanding of the role I perform."
  • "the job analyst and support staff were excellent at putting me at ease, being considerate of needing comfort breaks and, of course, explaining anything that I maybe didn't fully understand."    

Is your job listed? Volunteer today

If your job is listed as a benchmark job, and you've not already been asked to volunteer by your line manager, this is your opportunity to tell us about your job in your own words. To take part, you must have been in the same job for at least two years.

Check the list of benchmark jobs at:

Remember not everyone in the council needs to be interviewed so if a high number of staff volunteer then not everyone will be selected.

How to volunteer

Let your line manager know then email the Job Evaluation Team on

You should include the BM Ref number from the list.

Supporting you

Everyone who volunteers to be interviewed is asked to attend a briefing session with their line manager to understand more about job evaluation. This could be on MS Teams or face to face in one of the job evaluation hubs in the city. At the briefing staff will hear from the job analysts about the interview process and can ask questions and discuss any worries or concerns.

When staff attend the interview, they can be supported by another person, like a trade union representative or a colleague.

Our default interview method is remotely via MS Teams, however other methods are available:

  • On MS Teams from home or the workplace using your own equipment of a council laptop
  • On MS Teams at a Job Evaluation Hub, this allows you and your representative to be in one interview room, with the Job Analyst Team members in another room.
  • A face-to-face interview at a Job Evaluation Hub.

Risk assessments for the job evaluation hubs have been undertaken and any relevant covid mitigation put in place including use of hand sanitiser, wearing masks when moving around and regular ventilation.

Frequently asked questions about interviews

Will I be given time during working hours to complete the questionnaire?

Yes, you will be given reasonable time during working hours to complete the Job Evaluation Questionnaire.  You should expect the questionnaire to take around three hours to complete.

Will I be given time to participate in the Job Evaluation Briefing and Job Evaluation Interview?

Yes, the council is committed to supporting employee participation in the Job Evaluation process.  If you are participating in the process your line manager will support your participation in the Job Evaluation briefing.

How long is the interview?

The duration of an interview varies but you should expect that it will take at least half a day.  The reason the duration varies is that some jobs are easier to describe than others and the Job Analyst Team want to make sure that they have fully explored the role you undertake, so that they are confident that the evaluation captures the demands of your job.  The Job Evaluation Team will make sure that they give you enough time to fully answer the questions and explain your role.

If I volunteer to participate am I responsible for the outcome of Job Evaluation for everyone who does the same job?

It is understandable that you may have a feeling of responsibility for the evaluation of a benchmark job. However, you are invited to describe the role that you do personally, not the role as carried out by other people.  We recognise that not everyone with the same job title carries out the same tasks in the same way.

For every benchmark job numerous staff will be interviewed and the outcomes reviewed to create a generic job overview document that will apply to everyone who does the same job. This is what makes the process robust.

Got another question to ask?

Read all the frequently asked questions and answers or more information at

You can also email the job evaluations team on or ask your line manager to do so on your behalf.

Benchmark jobs - volunteer now if your job is listed

If you job is listed below, we need you to take part in a job evaluation interview.

How to volunteer

Let your line manager know then email the Job Evaluation Team on

You should include the BM Ref number from the list.


BM No.

Benchmark job title





Grade 1



Catering Assistant

Grade 1



School Crossing Patroller

Grade 1



Breakfast Assistant

Grade 1



Neighbourhood Janitor

Grade 3



Assistant Catering Manager

Grade 2




Grade 2



Service Delivery Manager

Grade 7



Assistant Area Operations Manager

Grade 5



Cleaning Supervisor

Grade 2




Grade 7



Divisional Valuer

Grade 8




Grade 7

May 2022

Data Makes a Difference - making the best use of data helps to improve services to our citizens

Data Makes A Difference

Data underpins everything that we do as a council - it supports both our policy and operational decision making and can help to improve lives and save costs.

It is of huge importance to us and how we work - many of our decisions are based on evidence and research. When we get quality data to support a programme of work, we can reap many benefits - for both our city, our citizens and our organisation.

If we get poor insight data, this can have devastating consequences for our projects and also impact the lives of our citizens.

Read how Margaret Murphy and other colleagues from across the council use data everyday in their roles - go to Case studies - you tell us how you are using data to make a difference  

Tuesday 24 May - Are you worried about money?  

We have created an information factsheet to help staff who may be concerned about money just now.

It includes a comprehensive list of some recommended Government approved pathways that are available for free, impartial and confidential money advice and support.

Staff Information Factsheet

Here is a list of some recommended Government approved pathways that are available to you, for free, impartial and confidential money advice and support.

Information on local support services for Glasgow City and other Scottish Local Authority areas can be found here:



1. Citizens Advice Scotland- Freephone: 0800 028 1456(Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm) for help with housing, benefits, debt, and consumer issues such as energy bills.

Visit: for online information, advice, and guidance or find your local bureau.

2. Social Security Scotland- Freephone: 0800 182 222(Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm) to find out about benefits and grants, need support paying for a funeral, disabled people, carers, young people entering the workplace. Visit for more information.

If you're disabled, you can get free support from an independent advocate to help you to apply for Social Security benefits. Freephone: 0300 303 1660, email: or visit: to find out more.

3. Scottish Welfare Fund- you may be able to get a grant if you need help you pay for essentials, such as food, gas, electricity, or household goods. Visit:

4. Department for Work and Pensions- for information on welfare, pensions and working age, disability, and ill health benefits visit:

5. Long Term Conditions & MacMillan Cancer Support Service- Phone: 0141 287 5901(Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) for free, confidential money advice and support for anyone diagnosed with a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer, heart failure or stroke.

6. Home Energy Scotland- Freephone: 0808 808 2282(Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm) for advice and help to keep your home warm, cut your energy costs, and reduce your bills. Visit: for more information.


Debt advice

1. National Debtline- Freephone: 0808 808 4000(Mon-Fri 9am-8pm,Sat 9.30am-1pm) for free advice and resources to help you with your debts. Visit:

2. Step Change- Freephone 0800 138 111(Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8am-4pm) for free advice, guidance and tools to help with debt problems. Visit:


Community lenders

1. Glasgow Credit Union (GCU)- Phone 0141 274 9933. Financial Benefits are available to council staff including low-cost loans, member discounts and competitive deals on mortgages and insurance. Visit: or their Financial Wellbeing Hub.

2. Find Your Credit Union (FYCU)- Search the online directory of Credit Unions


More information and support

1. Workplace options- our Employee Assistance Provider is available 24/7 for free, confidential, and independent advice and support that matters to you and your family.

Freephone: 0800 247 1100or email:

2. Breathing Space- Freephone: 0800 83 85 87(Mon-Fri 6pm-2am, 24 hours at weekend) if you are feeling low, anxious, or depressed.

3. Samaritans- Freephone: 116 123(24/7) or find out other ways of getting in touch.


Thursday 12 May - Payroll - deadline dates for submitting overtime claim forms

Please see below the payroll deadline dates and important information about submitting overtime claims forms for additional hours - to make sure you receive your payments on time.

  • It is important these forms are submitted on or before the deadline dates detailed below and completed correctly with all the relevant information to ensure there are no delays in you receiving payment for additional hours.
  • All overtime claims must be submitted at the end of each working week and not held back until the end of the submission period. 
  • Overtime claim forms should be posted on the Friday of the week the overtime has been undertaken (with exception of any Saturday working).
  • This will ensure the forms are received by the team at Olympia for processing on the Monday - so all overtime payments are received on the relevant pay date.

Payroll - deadline dates for submitting overtime claim forms  

Pay Date (2022/2023)

Overtime sheet to be given
to Area Manager no later than the dates detailed below



31 May 2022

07 May 2022

28 June 2022

04 June 2022

26 July 2022

02July 2022

23 August 2022

30 July 2022

20 September 2022

27 August 2022

18 October 2022

24 September 2022

15 November 2022

22 October 2022

13 December 2022

19 November 2022

10 January 2023

17 December 2022

March 2022

Monday 28 March - Four Weekly Paid Staff - Payroll Tax Event

Corporate HR wish to make staff who are paid every four weeks, aware of a situation that may affect their tax circumstances following the pay due on 5 April 2022.

If you are paid every four weeks, you could be affected by what HMRC call a 'Week 56 event.'

CBS have advised that staff who are paid every four weeks will receive 14 pays within the current tax year instead of the usual 13 pays. This does not mean you will receive an extra pay; but that during the designated tax year between 6 April 2021 and 5 April 2022 there will have been 14 pays.

The council is required to notify Week 56 payments to HMRC as employees will have used up their personal allowance over the 13 normal pay periods.

What is the impact of Week 56 payments?

  • To stop employees affected being taxed on the whole of the 14th pay on 5 April 2022, the council is required to follow the HMRC rules and will automatically allocate an extra amount of tax-free pay for those in receipt of a personal allowance.
  • This will make sure that your pay on 5 April 2022 will continue to be the normal expected amount.
  • As a consequence of this, you may receive more than your annual personal allowance in the current tax year of 2021 to 2022. Later this year HMRC could issue a P800 form to employees; this deals with over and under payments of tax following a 'Week 56' payment.
  • The P800 form explains how your tax has been calculated; HMRC normally adjust such amounts through your tax code.

More information

If you are paid every four weeks, please remember that you could be affected as outlined above. But remember that the amount you are paid every four weeks in the current tax year will not be affected.

If you have any questions, please see the detailed Questions and Answers provided by CBS, below.

We will update you with any further information relating to this should it become available.


Week 56 - Potential Implications for employees

Questions and Answers


As an employee you are generally entitled to a certain amount of income before paying tax. This is called the 'Personal Allowance'. In 2021-22 the personal allowance was £12,570.

When calculating PAYE tax, your Personal Allowance is divided by the usual number of pay periods in the year in order to calculate the tax-free pay for that period. For example, a weekly paid employee is allocated 1/52 of their annual allowance in each weekly pay period (12570/52 = £241.73).

Tax is calculated after deducting the personal allowance and if you are paid four-weekly your entire allowance is normally 'used up' following the 13th pay

However, in the tax year 2021 to 2022 there will be 14 four-weekly payment periods in the year, or 56 weeks. Your 14th pay falls on Tuesday 5 April 2022.

What is 'Week 56'?

In the tax year 2021 to 2022 (which runs from 6 April 2021 to 5 April 2022) there are 56 Tuesdays, so four-weekly paid employees will receive 14 pays in that year, rather than the usual 13. This final payment is referred to as 'Week 56'.

The council is required to notify Week 56 payments to HMRC through our Real Time Information (RTI) returns at the time of payment.

How could this cause an issue?

A problem could occur because your annual personal allowance has already been 'used up' by period 13 and you are generally not entitled to any more tax-free pay in that year. However, if no tax-free pay is allocated in period 14 then tax would be calculated on all of your earnings resulting in less take home pay than usual.

Your take home pay on 5 April 2022 (period 14) will not be affected unless other personal circumstances have changed.

How does HMRC deal with Week 56 payments?

To protect your take home pay, HMRC regulations stipulate that an extra amount of tax-free pay be allocated to period 14 when calculating the tax due for that pay period, even if the tax-free pay for the year has already been allocated. This means that your overall tax-free pay for that year will be greater than the annual personal allowance.

The payroll software automatically applies the HMRC rule where there is a 'Week 56' event and allocates the appropriate additional tax-free pay.

In circumstances where your earnings are below the annual tax threshold by period 14, no additional tax-free pay is allocated to the pay of 5 April 2022, as the 'tax-free pay' for the year has not yet been exhausted.

How might this affect an employee in the following tax year?

HMRC may seek to recover the extra allocation of tax-free pay from you in a future tax year and issue a P800 notification to you which details the calculation and any under or over payments of tax. Ordinarily, HMRC adjusts such amounts through your tax code. HMRC will contact you to advise you of the tax code change.

If you are a registered user of Self-Assessment you may not receive a P800 and will be notified of any under or overpayments following the returns you make through this process.  

What about National Insurance?

Your National Insurance contributions are not expected to change. Earnings for National Insurance calculations are assessed on a periodic basis rather than an annual basis. The pay of 5 April 2022 (period 14) will therefore be assessed as normal and the usual periodic thresholds and rates will be applied.

Are there other implications?

If you claim Child Benefit payments the additional period of earnings that falls into the period between 6 April 2021 and 5 April 2022 may contribute towards the upper Child Benefit limit of £50,000; this is the point at which tax is due to be paid back for those claiming the benefit.

If you are in receipt of Universal Credit you are not expected to be affected by this event as earnings are evaluated on monthly assessment periods.

What should I do if receive a P800 from HMRC?

Your tax has been calculated in line with HMRC guidance in this circumstance and an extra amount of tax-free pay will be allocated in order to protect your take home pay in the pay of 5 April 2022. You should therefore follow instructions and guidance detailed on the notification.

More information

Further advice about P800 can be found on the website at:


Friday 25 March - Unison and GMB agree to exemptions from strike action to provide minimum cover for critical HSCP

Dear colleague,

You will be aware that there is a planned industrial action by two Trade Unions (Unison and GMB) on Tuesday 29 March and Wednesday 30 March 2022 and a further two days on Wednesday 20 April and Thursday 21 April 2022. 

We have been in discussions with the Trade Unions on life and limb cover and I am pleased to advise that following a meeting with the joint Trade Unions (GMB and Unison) this morning, we have reached an agreement that our cleaning and catering services are an essential part of providing life and limb cover. This is to an agreed minimum level within Homelessness/Children's Units and Care Homes.

The Trade Unions support and understand the need for this essential life and limb cover. As such the Trade Unions will agree that staff grades 1 to 6 who are trade union members can volunteer to be part of the cover arrangements in these services if they wish to do so. This agreement is subject to our commitment that we will continue to try and achieve some of the cover from agency staff and volunteers and that we will not exceed the agreed minimum levels requested.

I would like now to ask staff in Homelessness/Children's Units and Care Homes to consider volunteering to attend work to be part of the life and limb cover arrangements within your own workplace.  Managers will now make contact with staff to make this request or alternatively staff can make contact with their manager to advise of their availability.

If you work in other areas of the service and would like to volunteer to work in the above services during the days of action you can still do so, please contact your manager to advise of your availability.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Wednesday 16 March - Equal Pay Update from Annemarie O'Donnell, Chief Executive


By now many of you will be aware that strike action is planned by groups of staff with equal pay claims on 29 and 30 March and 20 and 21 April.

I urge the staff involved in this strike action to think again about the consequences of their decision given that the council has already stated its intention to make offers on the majority of new claims on the basis of the 2019 deal.

Vital council services that look after our most vulnerable citizens and support the education of our young people will be affected by this strike. 

To update you further on this commitment, on 10 March the City Administration Committee approved recommendations in a report on equal pay to:

  • provide funding of around £30 million for equal pay claims
  • seek agreement with claimant representatives on:
    • the calculation of individual settlement offers
    • the date from which settlement payments will be made.

You can read the full report here.

I can assure you that senior council officers are ready to proceed with negotiations with claimant representatives in relation to the new claims, as soon as is possible, to resolve this matter.

I also want to remind you that as previously stated, we have always been committed to considering options to deal with what is often referred to as 'the gap period' - the time between 2018 and the eventual implementation of a new pay and grading scheme. We are currently working through options to finding a solution.

I hope that when you read this, you now understand that the council is committed to resolving the issue of equal pay and dealing with equal pay claims, making sure that everyone who works for the council is paid equally for equal work.

I remain committed to talking with our trade unions when they are willing to do so, to resolve this dispute and the affect it will have on vital city services.

Annemarie O'Donnell
Chief Executive

Tuesday 15 March - Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Employee Survey - Get involved and share your views

BME Logo

Stephen Sawers, Head of Facilities Management, Equality and Diversity Champion for Financial Services says:"I would encourage all of our colleagues in the BME community to get involved and share your views by completing our BME Employee Survey.  We want to hear about your experiences of working for the council so we can deliver on our Equality Outcomes and our commitment to create an Inclusive workforce.  You will find more information about how to access the survey and how you can get involved in the group that will analyse the data from the survey below - your voice will make a difference."

In our Equality Outcomes the council has given a commitment to:

  • 'create and celebrate a diverse and inclusive workforce' and
  • to make sure that 'black and ethnic minority people have increased representation within the council's workforce'

Have your say - how to access the survey - by 23 March 2022

  • If you are a BME employee you can complete the survey here.

Get involved

  • We will also be looking for BME employees to be part of a short-term working group to analyse the data and help to develop the final report for the CMT, starting the week after the survey ends. If you are interested and have analytical skills, please let us know by emailing:

More information

  • Find out more about the work of the BME Employee Network on Connect.


Monday 14 March - Pre-election guidance for staff

The pre-election guidance is for everyone working for the council or ALEOs and tells you about the rules that will apply in the run up to the Local Government Elections which will take place on Thursday 5 May 2022.  pdf icon Please read the guidance here [671kb]

The pre-election period starts on Monday 14 March 2022.

The general restrictions on party political activity apply at all times.

Restrictions on communication activity undertaken by local authorities are contained in the 1986 Local Government Act (as amended), and the associated Code of Recommended Practice on Local Government Publicity. The attached guidance explains the code, the effect of the restrictions and further restrictions on staff activity.

This advice does not cover every conceivable situation so you should always consult your line manager if you are in any doubt.

Questions can also be directed to myself, Elaine Galletly, Director of Legal and Administration Services, at or to Colin Edgar at

Elaine Galletly

Director of Legal and Administration Services

February 2022

Equal Pay Update

The council is committed to resolving the issue of equal pay and dealing with equal pay claims, making sure that everyone who works for the council is paid equally for equal work.

We reached an agreement to settle a substantial number of claims in 2019 - and it was agreed by all parties, at that time, that we would then seek to deal with new claims covering the same period.

While these claims were explicitly not covered by the 2019 agreement, the council has made it clear in discussions with claimants' representatives that its proposed approach remains absolutely rooted in that deal.

As a result, we can now update you that the council is prepared to make offers to settle new claims on the basis of the 2019 deal.

We have also always been committed to considering options to deal with what is often referred to as 'the gap period' - the time between 2018 and the eventual implementation of a new pay and grading scheme, and negotiations will continue on this area.  We are currently working through options to finding a solution.

January 2022

Time to Talk - Monday 1 to Friday 5 February

Time to Talk Day is a national mental health campaign which takes place in February each year. It is organised by See Me, Scotland's national programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. As one of only six See Me partnership organisations in Scotland, we are committed to supporting the mental health of our staff and providing the appropriate support routes to aid wellbeing.

For 2022 the theme is 'Talk, Listen, Change Lives'.It is important that we all take the time out to have these conversations with each other and also listen - to support all of our mental wellbeing.

Time to Talk day is on Thursday 3 February,however, we would like everyone to get involved in the week run up to the actual day and actively encourage you to have conversations about your mental health with each other from Monday 31 January.

So in supporting one another we would like you to set some time aside during the week to plan a catch up with a colleague - either virtually, in person or over the phone. For example, maybe there's someone you've been meaning to catch up with but haven't got round to it. You could chat about how things have changes over the past 24 months and how that makes you feel.

Time to Talk support

Visit our support pages for additional campaign resources and things you can get involved with.

Health and wellbeing support

Visit our dedicated workforce wellbeing support section on our website.

You can access our staff website at from any device with an internet connection. It has a lot of useful information to help improve your health and wellbeing - in particular you may find our Staff Health and Wellbeing Handbook very useful. This is your one stop shop for all health and wellbeing support.

Mental Health Support for Staff

NHS 24For urgent health advice out of hours, when your GP Practice is closedPhone 111 (24/7)
Workplace Options Employee Assistance ServiceFree, confidential, independent advice and support for staff. Available anytime to chat about any issue that matters to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Freephone: 0800 247 1100 (24/7)

Bullying and Harrasment helpline: 0800 042 0135

LGBT helpline: 0800 138 8725

BME helpline: 0800 288 4950

Breathing SpaceFree, confidential phone line for anyone in Scotland feeling low, anxious or depressed out with GP opening hours.

Freephone: 0800 83 85 87 (open 24 hours at weekends, 6pm to 2am weekdays) 


SamaritansFree, confidential support and a safe place to talk about whatever you're going through 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Freephone: 116 123 (24/7)



Your health and wellbeing handbook

This handbook brings together a range of recommended internal and external health and wellbeing information, guidance and support in the one place for ease of reference.

It contains quick links to all the relevant resources that can be accessed online - broken down into key topics and themes. For example:

•       Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle - such as physical or social wellbeing

•       Specific Health Needs - such as women's health

•       Health and Wellbeing Challenges - such as grief, alcohol, loneliness or financial concerns

•       Healthy Working Environment - such as health and safety or work-life balance.

The handbook is located on our dedicated staff webpage at workforce wellbeing by clicking here - meaning you can access it from work or a personal device with an internet connection at home.

Printed copies of the handbook will be made available in communal areas.

Immediate Wellbeing Help and Support

If you need help right now - there is immediate support available:

•       Speak to your GP if you, or someone you know is struggling

•       Call NHS 24 on 111 if your GP practice is closed - they are available 24/7

•       If you need urgent help- phone the emergency services on 999

•       Phone Workplace Optionsto chat in complete confidence to an independent professional Employee Advisor on 0800 247 1100

•       Or you can also call to chat to someone at the Samaritansfree on 116 123 or Breathing Spacefree on 0800 83 85 87

Health and Wellbeing Resource Guide

This guide brings together free health and wellbeing resourcesthat can be downloaded, printed or ordered in hard copy on various key health and wellbeing themes.  For example:

•       posters from the Samaritans and Drinkaware

•       self-help booklets from the NHS such as feeling anxious

•       leaflets on managing cancer and let's talk menopause

•       important pocket cards with emergency information and tips to deal with stress.

The guide is available on our staff web page at workforce wellbeing by clicking here

Managers will print and share these wellbeing resources locally as required.


21 December  - End of Year Message: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Colleagues

As the end of the year approaches, it's time to reflect, and as always, it's been another very busy year for all our teams, and we have continued to face operational pressures and challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. 

At the start of 2021, we supported the COVID-19 vaccination plan - the largest vaccination programme ever undertaken in Scotland. Venues across the city were transformed into vaccination clinics. Our teams were responsible for providing a 'meet and greet' service for those arriving to receive their vaccine, as well as supporting the cleaning requirements required at each of these venues.

This year our catering teams were recognised by receiving the Soil Association Scotland 'Food for Life Served Here Bronze Award'. As Scotland's largest local authority, ensuring that healthier and more sustainable food reaches school plates is no mean feat, but our catering teams fully embraced the challenge. 34,000 award-winning nutritious school meals are now served daily by our catering teams across 300 plus schools/education establishments in the city.

Many of you were involved in supporting and making COP26 a success for Glasgow - one of the biggest events ever held in the UK.  A shout out to our teams from Encore Hospitality Services who did a fantastic job providing hospitality for a wide range of COP26 events, large and small, across the city and for the cleaning teams who kept the buildings clean 24 hours per day.

We also started to introduce online school payments and are planning for the introduction of universal free school meals to pupils in primary 5 from January 2022 and the plan is to extend this to pupils in primary 6 and 7 at a later date.

We want to take this opportunity to recognise your support and thank you all for doing the great job you do every day.  Everyone should feel very proud of their part in delivering the services Glasgow needs.

Hopefully each of you can take some time to rest and relax with friends and loved ones at the end of the year; particularly if that is something you were unable to do last year. Have a great Christmas and a healthy and a Happy New Year - best wishes for 2022!

Catering and FM Senior Management Team


Equal pay claims

The council is committed to resolving the issue of equal pay and dealing with equal pay claims, making sure that everyone who works for the council is paid equally for equal work.

We are also committed to keeping everyone updated about the status of discussions between council officers and claimants' representatives, including our trade unions.

Since early December, each party's legal representatives have been meeting with the aim of agreeing an approach for new claims. We also expect the Employment Tribunal process to continue in the New Year in the event that negotiations do not resolve all issues between us.

Progress has also been made with Strathclyde Pension Fund on adjusting pensions to reflect previous equal pay settlements.

The first group of former employees will receive their adjusted pension payments from 15 February 2022 - and this will be followed by a rolling programme, which will see more claimants receive their adjusted pension every month.

If your pension is due to change, we will work with your representatives so that you get advance notice of the date from which you can expect the adjusted pension to be paid.

We will continue to update you on any further discussions, as and when they take place. All updates will be published on our staff webpage at - equal pay, latest news.


Key information on backdated pay and Universal Credit - December 2021


The 2021 to 2022 Local Government Pay Award was agreed on 1 December 2021.

Staff will receive the first payment in respect of the 2021 to 2022 Pay Award, which will include backdated pay, in their January salary on 11 January 2022.

This briefing provides key information for any staff who are in receipt of Universal Credit and how this Local Government pay settlement may impact this.

Please read this carefully - so that you understand how this may impact you and your payments.

1.   Local Government Pay Award for 2021 to 2022

The Local Government pay award covers the period from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 and sees:

• an increase in the Scottish Local Government Living Wage rate to £9.78 per hour*

• a £850 increase in salary for all those who earn £25,000 or less

• a 2% increase for those earning more than £25,000 and up to £40,000

• a 1% increase for those earning more than £40,000 and up to £80,000

• an £800 flat rate increase in salary for all those earning over £80,000 annually

For this year only the pay award increase is being backdated to include an extra 3 months and starts from 1 January 2021.

*Glasgow Living Wage - effective from April 2021

On 1 April 2021 the council was committed to supporting the Grade 1 hourly rate - the Glasgow Living Wage - and increased the hourly rate from £9.34 to £9.54 from this date.

Therefore, if you are paid at Grade 1, in your January 2022 pay, your backdated pay will contain the difference between the Glasgow Living Wage you've received since April 2021 and the £850 flat rate increase agreed as part of the 2021 to 2022 Pay Award settlement. You will also receive the additional 3 months back dated pay from January 2021 to March 2021.

2.   Backdated pay and Universal Credit

If you receive Universal Credit the amount you get changes if your take-home pay changes. This includes awards of backdated pay.

If you get additional pay within a Universal Credit assessment period (month), your Universal Credit payment will either be less than you normally receive, or your income may be too high to qualify for a payment.

Universal Credit is calculated on your personal circumstances. Because of this we, as your employer, do not know how, or if, you may be affected.   

This extra three month increase, together with the backdated payment, may mean you will either receive less Universal Credit than normal, or you may even earn too much to qualify, and your Universal Credit claim will close.

If your claim closes, you will see a message on your UC Journal telling you about this.

3.   Will my Universal Credit payments start again automatically?

No. If Universal Credit payments stop because you have had additional pay, you must start up your claim again.

You should do this as soon as you can to make sure you do not miss out. 

4.   How do I reclaim Universal Credit?

  •  Log into your Universal Credit journal and select the "Reclaim" tab. You will find this at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a new screen where you will be asked to answer a few simple questions. If you have any problems doing this, contact your Work Coach or visit your local Jobcentre Plus. 
  • You can access your Universal Credit Journal at

5.   If you need independent advice?

  • You can get independent help and advice about Universal Credit from Advice First on freephone 0800 328 5644.
  • You can also visit
  • If you need to chat in confidence about any financial issues you may be experiencing you can also contact Workplace Options, our Employee Assistance Provider. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on freephone 0800 247 1100 or email 

15 December - Your Local Government Pay Award for 2021 to 2022

The 2021 to 2022 Local Government Pay Award was agreed on 1 December 2021.

You will receive your first payment in respect of the 2021 to 2022 Pay Award, which will include backdated pay, in your January salary - on 11 January 2022.

This pay award covers the period from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 and sees:

  • an increase in the Scottish Local Government Living Wage rate to £9.78 per hour*
  • a £850 increase in salary for all those who earn £25,000 or less
  • a 2% increase for those earning more than £25,000 and up to £40,000
  • a 1% increase for those earning more than £40,000 and up to £80,000
  • an £800 flat rate increase in salary for all those earning over £80,000 annually

Extra three months backdated pay

For this year only, the pay award increase is being backdated to include an extra 3 months and starts from 1 January 2021. Therefore, you will receive a full year's backdated pay in your January 2022 salary.

*Glasgow Living Wage - effective from April 2021

On 1 April 2021 the council was committed to supporting the Grade 1 hourly rate - the Glasgow Living Wage - and it increased the hourly rate from £9.34 to £9.54 from this date.

Therefore, if you are paid at Grade 1, in your January 2022 pay, your backdated pay will contain the difference between the Glasgow Living Wage you've received since April 2021 and the £850 flat rate increase agreed as part of the 2021 to 2022 Pay Award settlement. You will also receive the additional 3 months back dated pay from January 2021 to March 2021.

Universal Credit

Staff who are in receipt of Universal Credit should note that the backdated pay may impact your payments. More information will be communicated to staff shortly. 


National Pay Award Process - Update for Staff

We wish to update staff on the progress of the National Pay Award negotiations being managed by COSLA.

A proposed Pay Award agreement for local government employees was reached between COSLA and the Trade Unions on 29 October this year. Following this, the Trade Unions indicated their intention to ballot their members on the terms of this agreement - this consultation process is due to end on 29 November 2021.

Therefore, at this stage, the agreement on the Pay Award for local government employees - which is set at a national level -has still to be confirmed.  

We are aware that information is circulating that suggests this back-dated pay would be made available to you in your December 2021 pay. However, please be aware that until the agreement is fully signed-off by COSLA and the Trade Unions, we are not able to begin the significant task of adjusting our pay-roll records to make payments to all our 26,000 staff.

As a result, subject to the agreement being confirmed, we do not anticipate any back-dated pay, arising from the proposed national pay award, to be paid to staff until January 2022 at the earliest.

We will keep all staff updated on this situation once more information becomes available.

COP26 Travel Update

5 November 2021 - IMPORTANT INFORMATION  regarding COP26 Climate Marches and Road Restrictions

Colleagues - you may be aware of the climate marches taking place on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 November 2021.

Details of both days are listed below.

  • Friday 5 November - The march starts at 11.30 am from Kelvingrove Park and will make its way to George Square.
  • Saturday 6 November - The march again starts at 11.30 am from Kelvingrove Park and will end at Glasgow Green. The number of people at this march is expected to be significantly bigger than Fridays.

Consequently, this will result in streets in the West End and near the City Chambers being busier than normal. There will be a number of road closures, with traffic management and police controls in place. Roads will reopen once each march has passed.

Extra security personnel will be on duty across the City Chambers complex with all entry and exit points being manned. Established security protocols are in place to ensure the safety of our staff whilst on duty.

Senior management will be on site during this time and will put any additional safety measures in place if needed.

Whilst travelling into work please follow any instructions given from Stewards, Marshalls and Police Scotland officers. Whilst in work, please follow any guidance given by Catering & FM management or security personnel.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to your manager.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this time.

Catering & FM Senior Management.

Staff Transport for Riverside Museum - Shuttle Bus

Staff working at Riverside Museum can take advantage of a shuttle bus which will be in Partick Bus Station from 5.30am on Monday 25 October and will operate every day for the duration of COP26.

The bus will take you to and from the venue to make it easier for you to get to your place of work. You are encouraged to take your GCC pass to show the driver - this service is free of charge.

If you are working before 6am or finishing after 11pm then a taxi will be organised to and from your house to the Riverside bus point.

You can view the actual coach by clicking the link:   

From Monday 25 October operation times will be:

  • Early Shift - 05.30 to 09.30
  • Mid Shift - 13.30 to 17.30
  • Late Shift - 21.30 to 00.30

The service will operate seven days a week until Thursday 18 November.  The Bus is a Silver Doigs, 22-seater bus with the number plate TY19 ORV and will display signage with "GCC" written on it.  If you arrive and the bus is not there, please wait as it will be in transit between the bus station and Riverside Museum.

Information about road closures and using public transport during COP26

There are some specific road closures to bring to your attention:

Road Closures from Saturday 23 October

  • The most significant road closure will be the A814 Clydeside Expressway from the Partick Interchange to the M8 Junction 19 at Anderston.  This willl be closed from Saturday 23 October at 2100hrs and will remain closed until Monday 15 November. If you use this route to travel to and from your place of work and you have not already planned an alternative route, then you should do so as soon as possible. Eastbound and westbound diversion routes have been put in place and the details of these can be found at
  • There are also going to be additional road closures on Monday 1 November in the Kelvingrove/Finnieston area.  If you live or work in this area, or travel through it, you need to familiarise yourself with these closures as they will have a significant impact.
  • Please be aware that the road closures on Monday 1 November will result in some streets in this area having no vehicle access or egress from 2pm onwards.  Please bear this in mind if you live or work in the affected areas (e.g. if you normally park your car in this area) as strict security cordons will be in place.
  • You should be aware that the diversion routes, as well as other roads and streets in the West and centre of the city, will be far busier than usual so journeys are likely to take longer. 

Road Closures

Using public transport

Finally, if you have any issues with transport that has an impact on your ability to get to and from work please speak with your manager.

Catering and FM
Senior Management


Free Seasonal Flu Jab - how the flu jab will be arranged in your area of work

As part of our Staff Health and Wellbeing Strategy and following the success of our previous flu vaccination programmes, we are offering staff the free seasonal flu jab again this year.

Due to different strains of vaccines being available for certain ages and medical conditions you must go to your Doctor to get the correct seasonal flu jab (free of charge) if you are:

1.     65 years old or over

2.     pregnant

3.     have certain medical conditions


You can find information below about how the flu jab will be arranged in your area of work: 

1. Education establishments: Education Services will provide you with the flu jab - please contact the school office for more details.

2. Older People's Residential Units: If you work in a Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) unit you will be able to receive the vaccine on the dates detailed in the table below - you should have already been contacted by your line Manager if not please speak to the unit manager.

3. All other FM areas: Please call the Admin team on 0141 287 6440 by Friday 8 October with the following details:

  • The unit you work in
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • SAP number

HSCP Units - Flu Jab details

Residential UnitAddressDate of Clinic
Orchard Grove19 Prospecthill Circus, G42 0LBWednesday, 6 October
Hawthorn House20 Ashfield Street, G22 5HPWednesday, 6 October
Meadowburn188 Leithland Road, G53 5AQWednesday, 13 October
Riverside220 Springfield Road, G40 3HUWednesday, 13 October
Victoria Gardens1 Blawarthill Place, G13 1BEWednesday, 27 October


Job evaluation and new pay and grading scheme - latest update 20 September

Job evaluation banner

The job evaluation process in the council involves evaluating each job to make sure it is fairly ranked. The rank order of jobs will then support the work to design a new pay and grading scheme, which is a separate project, and will make sure that everyone is paid equally for equal work. 

A report has been prepared for General Purposes Committee to update on the progress of job evaluation and gives an indicative timeline for the creation of a new pay and grading scheme for the council.

You can read the full report here and a summary is provided below.

Timeline for new pay and grading scheme

The timeline below indicates that the first pay under a new scheme could be between October 2023 and April 2024. The timeline is dependent on various factors, including completing job evaluation interviews, which is why estimates are provided at this stage.

The design of a new pay and grading scheme and the various steps that need to be completed to implement the scheme and initiate pay are also outlined below.

Before any changes to payroll are made full consultation with employees and trade unions will take place.

A Job evaluation appeals process is also under development and further information will be provided when this is available.

Further updates will be provided as job evaluation progresses. For more information about job evaluation go to


Optimistic Estimate End

Realistic Estimate End

Job Evaluation


Job Interviews

April 2022

July 2022

Checking of Job Facts

May 2022

October 2022

Rank order of Jobs

July 2022

December 2022

Match to benchmarks

December 2022

June 2023

Non-benchmark evaluations

December 2022

June 2023

Pay Modelling and Costing


Development of model

August 2022

August 2023

Development of new terms and conditions

September 2022

June 2023

Costing Exercise

October 2022

July 2023

Equality Impact Assessment

December 2022

August 2023



Formal Offer Made

March 2023

December 2023

Staff Engagement

February 2023

November 2023

TU Ballots

February 2023

November 2023

TU Acceptance

March 2023

December 2023

Payroll Changes


Build and Testing

May 2023

January 2024

Parallel Running

September 2023

March 2024

First New Pay

October 2023

April 2024


Equal Pay claims - update 2 September

The council is committed to resolving the issue of equal pay and dealing with equal pay claims, making sure that everyone who works for the council is paid equally for equal work.

We are also committed to keeping everyone updated about these matters following the regular meetings between senior council officers and claimants' representatives, including our trade unions.

Council officers met with the claimants' representatives on Wednesday, 1 September. During that meeting, we were able to set out for the first time the council's in-principle position in relation to certain categories of new claims. 

We will continue to update you on those discussions as they progress. All updates will be published on our staff web pages at Equal pay claims, latest news - Glasgow City Council.

COP26 - register for extra hours and refer friends and family

As you know Glasgow will host COP26 from late October to mid-November and our services will support this very important climate change conference.  We are looking to support the cleaning and catering requirements at both the Riverside Museum and Emirates Arena between 10 October and 18 November - as well as providing similar support at a number of other locations across the city.

Register for extra hours

If you wish to increase your own income ahead of Christmas, please register now for extra hours to support this additional activity.

Refer friends and family

If you have friends and family, who are over 18 years old and looking for additional work ahead of Christmas- please ask them to register and join our team to help us deliver this world-renowned event.

How to register

To register your interest as an existing staff member, or for a friend or family member, please call 0141 287 6440.

The line is open from 9.30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.



Catering and Facilities Management Update

Firstly, I hope you have all managed to get a well-earned break over the summer period. Whether you are on a 52 week or term time contract, I hope you enjoyed the good weather we had in July.

There will be a lot happening over the next few months and I want to ensure you are aware of our key priorities which will give you the opportunity to get involved and to highlight the offer of additional hours that will soon become available.

COP26 - Register your interest

As you know Glasgow will host COP26 from late October to mid-November and our services will support this very important climate change conference.  We are looking to support the cleaning and catering requirements at the Riverside Museum and Emirates Arena between 10 October and 18 November. Both venues will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so there will be a number of different roles and shifts available should you wish to increase your income ahead of Christmas. Any additional hours worked for COP26 will be processed and received in your pay on 14 December.

To register an interest in any role, please phone 0141 287 6440.  A member of staff will be available to take your call Monday to Friday, between 09:30am and 4pm.

Online School Payments

Catering and FM are working with Education Services to support the rollout of online payments. This will enable parents/carers to pay online for school trips etc. It will also result in a cashless catering model which means there will no longer be a facility for pupils to pay for their lunch by cash.  Online school payments will be rolled out on a phased basis throughout the new school year. You will receive a briefing and a demonstration of the online school payments functionality before your school goes live.

Universal Free School Meals.

As you may be aware the Scottish Government have announced that all children in Primary settings will soon be eligible for a free school meal. Primary 5 pupils will be offered this from January 2022 with P6 and P7 planned for August 2022. Work is currently underway to support this, and we will take the opportunity to review our resources and add to our staffing numbers to support this.


Catering and FM

Senior Management


Thank You from Catering and FM Senior Management

As you will be aware our many services across Catering and FM have played a major part in responding to the pandemic and providing essential services to the people of Glasgow.

Our service provision is available 365 days a year, and as we enter the closing week of the school term it is a good opportunity to reflect on the contribution you have all made, as well as taking some time out for a well-earned break.

Many of you are term time staff and will no doubt be looking forward to your break ahead of your return in August, and for those of you on 52-week contracts we trust you will also be looking forward to time off over the summer period.

The last 15 months have been the most difficult for everyone across the public sector however, all of you have risen to the challenge and delivered across multiple operational areas. It would be unfair to single out any job role within our Service but suffice to say the senior management team are very proud of the work and the quality of the service you have delivered through the most challenging of circumstances.

Catering and FM senior management team simply want to take this opportunity to say, "Thank You" and we wish you all a nice break (hopefully in the sunshine) with whatever plans you have for a holiday in the next few weeks.

Catering and FM Senior Management Team.



For the reintroduction of cash/free meal ticket handling in school kitchens

The health and safety of our workforce is paramount at all times.

With the reintroduction of cash/ticket payments being accepted in our school dining halls it is important that we all continue to safeguard ourselves and follow key health and safety practices at all times - to keep you and your colleagues safe. 

The generic catering risk assessment has been updated. This makes sure that the appropriate cleaning and maintenance regimes, alongside physical distancing measures are in place - to make sure that all staff are protected when accepting meal payments.

To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, food items should not be available for self-service. Counter set-up should be arranged to make sure staff serve all products to customers.

Please make sure that you follow our COVID-19 kitchen health and safety guidelines.

You should:

  • wear face coverings at all times

  • make sure cash tills are set up so that you can socially distance. For example, if you previously had 3 tills in use, and now to socially distance safely you can only use 2 tills - then only 2 tills should be set up

  • limit the amount of cash tills you have available for use and where possible these tills should be identifiable as "CASH ONLY" (example signage attached below)

  • make hand sanitiser available at each till point and this should be used regularly during the service time. Please continue to wash your hands regularly throughout your shift for a minimum of 20 seconds. (The recurring requisition for the supplier, Unico, will be updated so that you can order replacement stock as and when required. Important locations will be supplied this though the production kitchen).

  • note that there is no change to the procedure of wearing disposable gloves - these should not be worn

  • note that there will be no change to the previous cash procedures you followed pre COVID. Therefore, these procedures should be followed paying specific attention to two employees always being present at the time of the cash reconciliation and always ensuring social distancing

  • be aware that G4s cash collection will also be reintroduced as per previous arrangements

  • carry out your lateral flow test twice per week and upload your results onto the Scottish Government website

  • self-isolate at home and book a test and update your line manager as priority, if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

If you require any further assistance or guidance in relation to these health and safety procedures please contact your Area Management Team.

CASH ONLY SIGN EXAMPLE pdf icon CFM Cash poster [27kb]

Update from Catering and FM Senior Management

Dear Colleague

The services we deliver for the city are essential and the people of Glasgow rely on us.  As a Senior Management Team, we are well aware of how challenging this has been during the pandemic, and we want to take this opportunity to again thank you all for your continued commitment, flexibility and personal effort during these times - it is really appreciated.

There are many outstanding examples of how your day to day efforts continue to support the council and the citizens of Glasgow, such as; the support provided on the lead up to and at the parliamentary elections on 6 May, the delivery of much needed service provision in the vaccination centres across the city and the effort required to keep our schools and work places safe throughout this period. 

You have all been working hard during the last year and coping with the challenges it's brought and we would like to remind you all how important it is for you to maintain good health and wellbeing.  Every one of us needs a break and the proportionate use of annual leave across the calendar year from the work place is the best way to ensure this.  The fact that we cannot take a planned trip away does not mean that we cannot take our annual leave.

As we approach the summer holidays, we are entering a period for term time workers where you will be looking forward to your well-earned break. Many of you on 52-week contracts will also be planning for some time offIt is important you manage your annual leave allowance for the year, and we encourage you to avoid a scenario where you are left short of leave in the last three months of the year or you have a high leave balance as we approach December. If you have any questions about annual leave and your balance of hours, then please speak to your manager.

We also want to share information with you around 'Time for You' a new online and virtual mental health support service being provided free to all frontline workers, and the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine to 18-29 year-olds - you can find more details about these below this note.

Thank you again for your continued support and all your hard work in delivering the essential services Glasgow needs.

Catering and FM Senior Management


Taking 'Time for You' - important mental health support for our frontline workers

Time for you

We have all been working hard during the last year and coping with the challenges it has brought.

In particular our frontline workers have continued to deliver critical services to our most vulnerable citizens during the pandemic - even though life has not been normal for any of us.

Looking after your own mental wellbeing is really important and even as restrictions begin to lift, we know that many of you are continuing to experience high levels of anxiety and stress - this is a normal reaction.


'Time for You' is a new online and virtual mental health support service being provided by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University and (LLTTF) Living Life to the Full.

It provides free mental health and wellbeing support to all frontline workers across Scotland.

There are three different levels available to you - ranging from self-help, one to one support and also virtual therapy support.   

There is also a Wellbeing Assessment Tool that you can use to work out what level of symptoms you may be experiencing to help you access the right support for a chat.

Take 'time for you'

We encourage our frontline staff to visit the site and benefit from the support on offer.

So why not take some 'time for you' and make looking after your own health and mental wellbeing a priority. Visit

If you need help right now

If you feel you are struggling and need to talk to someone urgently about how you are feeling - there are lots of places you can turn to for a confidential chat and advice. Visit our staff health and wellbeing help right now support page for more details.


Aged 18-29? Be one of the first to be invited for your vaccine: register today!


You could be one of the first 18-29 year-olds in Scotland to be invited for the Covid-19 vaccine by registering online today.

How to register

If you are in this age group you are being encouraged to register by going online at  or phoning 0800 030 8013 before Friday 4 June to get your vaccine appointment sent to you by email or text.

If you don't register you will be sent your appointment later by letter.

The vaccine is our best way out of this pandemic

It's important to get the vaccine when invited, as you can get seriously ill with Covid-19 at any age.

Having the vaccine doesn't eliminate the risk of Coronavirus but it does reduce the impact of the virus and, along with regular testing, it is our best way out of the pandemic and to get back to all the things we miss.

There's currently a surge in Covid cases on the city's southside and Glasgow remains in Level 3 restrictions, so please take advantage of this vaccination scheme to help protect yourself, your family, friends and work colleagues.

Keep updated on our staff web page here  


Monday 24 May 2021

Glasgow Living Wage Increase

The Glasgow Living Wage increased to £9.54 per hour on 1 April 2021. This increase will be applied to all Grade 1 employees in the salary payable on 1 June 2021 and any arrears of pay will be backdated to 1 April 2021. 

Pay negotiations for 2021 to 2022 are still ongoing, therefore whilst we are increasing the Grade 1 hourly rate as the Glasgow Living Wage has been agreed, any pay increase subsequently arising from the final pay settlement for 2021 to 2022 will be applied to the Grade 1 rate in place before this increase.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Message from Annemarie O'Donnell, Chief Executive

The last few weeks have brought with them some of the most positive steps out of the coronavirus crisis that we have seen since the introduction of the first vaccines late last year.

Since Glasgow dropped to Tier 3 of Scotland's Covid protection levels, the reopening of everything from shops to cafes has begun to gather pace.

And, because our case numbers are staying low and vaccination campaigns are showing good progress, we can be reasonably confident we are on track to step down to Tier 2 in the middle of this month.

Each step also means more people are able to safely meet - with bespoke levels in place for getting together outdoors, at pubs and restaurants and in our own homes.

People are also able to travel more freely, allowing some tourist business to resume - and this will all continue to contribute to Glasgow returning to something a little more like we are used to in the coming months.

All of these new opportunities are going to be vital to the city's economic and social recovery - and that is why a new drive has been launched to encourage and support people to reconnect with Glasgow and, in particular, our city centre.

The #LoveGlasgow campaign is led by Glasgow Life's destination marketing team and reminds Glaswegians and visitors alike that not only are many of the businesses, places and attractions that we have missed during lockdown reopening; but also that we can enjoy them safely.

Many local businesses had been closed since Boxing Day and it's hard to overestimate just how difficult this pandemic has been for them.

From our fantastic shops, restaurants and bars to the city centre's many outdoor and creative spaces, including walking trails, parks, gardens, museums and galleries - Glasgow is ready.

The return of local citizens and the first visitors in the first instance is already providing a much-needed boost to our tourism and hospitality sectors - as well as bringing back some of the colour and vibrancy that Glasgow is known for.

If we can keep transmission levels and new infections low, we can look forward to further relaxation of the national restrictions as we enter the summer, with Level 0 possible by late June.

That won't be the end of what I know has been a very difficult period for so many in the city, including many of our colleagues - the situation is still dire in many countries, including some where tens of thousands of Glaswegians will have family and close friends.


Level 3 restrictions - We're not giving in

Not giving in

Changes to Level 3 restrictions from Monday 26 April mean that:

  • Six people from six households can now meet outdoors. Under 12s do not count towards the number of people meeting.
  • Meeting indoors isn't allowed yet.
  • Shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, holiday accommodation and attractions are opening up again. Please stick to the guidance.
  • Travel within the UK is now allowed. But please check the rules before you leave.
  • Adults on the shielding list can return to the workplace, if they cannot work from home, while children who have been shielding can return to school
  • Non-essential work inside people's homes - such as painting, decorating or repairing - will be permitted, subject to mitigations
  • Non-essential informal childcare will resume
  • Driving lessons and tests can take place, while gyms and swimming pools can reopen for individual exercise
  • The attendance limit for funerals and weddings - and related events such as receptions - will increase to 50
  • cafés, pubs and restaurants can resume full outdoor service, subject to local licensing, and serve food indoors without alcohol until 8pm
  • takeaways to resume normal service, with physical distancing and face masks in premises

Please follow the guidelines and remember FACTS

You should still:

  • Wear a face covering
  • avoid crowded places
  • clean hands and surfaces regularly
  • stay 2m away from other people
  • self-isolate and get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms
  • download the Protect Scotland app

More information

Find out more about moving to Level 3 at


Submission deadline dates for payment of additional hours

Please find below a list of the submission deadline dates when overtime sheets should be received by your manager to ensure payment of additional hours for each pay date. 

A copy of this table is also available in the Related documents section - you can find this easily by clicking on the link you receive in the GlasgowCC text message and scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

Pay DateOvertime sheet to be given to Area Manager by -

*NOTE  Deadline and submission dates may change due to the Christmas holiday period


Thursday 25 March 2021

On 6 May the election for the Scottish Parliament will take place.

If you are 16 or over and live in Scotland and are registered to vote, you can vote in person at your local polling station - where all the usual Covid-19 protections will be in place to keep you safe.

Or you can choose to vote from home by applying for a postal vote.

  • To secure your postal vote, get your application in the post by Sunday 28 March,otherwise you may not meet postal vote registration 6 April deadline - the Bank Holiday weekend (2 to 5 April) may cause delay with post.
  • Received your postal vote application but not returned it? Don't wait!

For details on how to apply for a postal vote in Glasgow visit or for other areas in Scotland visit

Monday 1 March 2021

Job evaluation update - message from Chief Executive

I want to give you an update about the job evaluation process and a new pay and grading scheme for the council.

As you may recall, the job evaluation process in the council involves evaluating each job to make sure it is fairly ranked. The rank order of jobs will then support the work to design a new pay and grading scheme, which will be a separate project, and make sure that everyone is paid equally for equal work. 

We had originally planned to deliver this evaluation work, with your support, through the many job interviews that would need to take place, and a new pay and grading scheme by April 2021. This timescale is no longer possible because of the pandemic. Determining the exact implementation timescale for the rank order of jobs and the subsequent new pay and grading scheme is a key part of this work.

A report has been prepared to update the council's General Purposes City Policy Committee and I want to explain what this means for everyone.

You can read the full report on the council's website here.

When the pandemic struck last year, our efforts were focused on keeping our most essential services running, supporting our most vulnerable citizens and educating our children and young people. This meant that all our resources including our dedicated staff and IT equipment had to be prioritised to where they were needed most, to deal with the devastating effects on the people and businesses of Glasgow. 

Quite understandably, the job evaluation process was affected by the prioritisation of our resources, as were many other areas of the council. Our staff have been at the heart of supporting the city through this pandemic and still are, as we grapple with the effects of this new variant. It just wouldn't have been possible earlier in this pandemic, to take your focus away from doing the critical jobs you do, to ask you to do something more than you were already doing.

That said, the council is committed to making sure that everyone is paid equally for work of equal value, so we want to commence with the remainder of the job evaluation process and ask staff to once again volunteer for interviews.

The health and safety of our workforce is paramount as we continue to follow government guidance to stop the spread of the virus. As our IT capability to support remote interviews has grown over the last few months with the roll-out of new computers and MS Teams, we will initially start with remote interviews and staff briefings on Teams.

We are working with the trade unions to agree the finer details and the support for staff for this new way forward. We anticipate that we will start asking for volunteers who are able to do remote interviews in March.

We recognise that not everyone will have the IT equipment or the skills to take part in remote interviews. Staff who can't attend a remote interview, even with support, will not be disadvantaged. Part of our planning is also looking at safe ways to interview staff in person, following the latest government guidance, and undertake workplace risk assessments and individual risk assessments, if required.

Remember, much of this process involves your participation in the interviews, it's critical that you're able to get involved and tell the Job Evaluation Team what you do to deliver the services the city relies on every day. All you'll be asked to do is talk about your job and what you do.

Before the pandemic, the Job Evaluation Team working alongside the trade unions, had made considerable progress on agreeing a lot of the technical details on how the job evaluation scheme would be applied across the council family and identifying which jobs would be evaluated first.

The result of this work was that many staff volunteered to attend the information briefing sessions and interviews about the work they do for the city. You'll find more information about the job evaluation scheme and the progress made on the website at

Every job will be evaluated, but we won't have to interview everyone in the council. The employee briefing you received in 2019 explains how we will identify people for interviews to represent the vast amount of jobs the council does.

I hope this provides you with an overview of our current plans and we will keep you updated about future decisions on timescales for the new pay and grading scheme.

More detailed information will be provided to the next groups of staff who will be asked to volunteer for interviews and information about next steps will also be provided to staff who have already been interviewed.

If you have any questions you can check the frequently asked questions on the website or email the job evaluation team at, or ask your line manager to submit your question.

As always, you can also email me at

All staff communications will be added to the council's website at


Annemarie O'Donnell

Chief Executive


Thursday 18 February 2021

Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidance

Emma Rodgers, Health and Safety Manager, Catering and FM - Covid-19 health and safety measures for catering staff returning to work in schools.

Covid-19 Health and Safety guidance for catering staff returning to work in school kitchens

The health and safety of our workforce is paramount as we prepare for a return to kitchens for our school catering staff.  As before Christmas, our kitchens and working arrangements still require us to stay physically distanced from each other as much as possible.

The capacity in our kitchens will be reduced to maintain physical distancing which means that fewer people can return to the kitchen initially.  Since only primary 1 to 3 are returning next week, we will operate a staff rota where we can - so you may not be in your usual hours.  Your Catering Manager or Assistant/Area Manager will be in touch with you to discuss your own arrangements.

The reduced menu we used before Christmas will remain in place, we will also still not be accepting cash payments (except in the pilot schools).

The generic catering risk assessment has been reviewed in consultation with our trade union colleagues and we have also reviewed the building risk assessments.  This has been done to make sure that the appropriate, cleaning and maintenance regimes, and physical distancing measures are in place to protect everyone.

It's important to remember that, if you have symptoms, you and your household should not leave home, you should self-isolate straight away and book a test. Tell your line manager as soon as possible.

Arriving at School

When you arrive, where possible there are one way systems in place at entrances, exits and staircases, keep left in the corridors and remember you might not exit via the entrance you came in.

Our cleaning colleagues will clean door handles, light switches and buttons regularly in all front of kitchen areas, catering staff will clean all areas within the kitchen - look at the kitchen cleaning rota for any updates to the usual schedule - this will be displayed on the kitchen wall.

Hand sanitiser will also be available at school entrance doors and throughout building.  Once in the kitchen you must was your hands with soap and hot water - please maintain good hand hygiene by washing your hands regularly for 20 seconds throughout the course of your shift.

You'll also notice some signage in the staffroom area - normally only one person will be permitted to use at any one time.

Signage indicating maximum numbers and where to stand in kitchen prep/cooking areas may also be displayed. Look out for the floor markings and please say if it's not okay... if you feel someone is too close to you, it is ok to ask them politely to move back slightly.

Remember that face coverings are now mandatory while you are at work and should therefore be worn at all times.

Home Testing Kits - Lateral Flow Devices

The Scottish Government has also introduced twice weekly lateral flow tests (home test kits) for all staff working in schools.  You should carry this test out in the morning before coming to work - the results are available within 20 minutes, you must upload your results to the website as indicated on the information with the testing kits.  We recommend that you carry-out your first test on the first day of the week you are working, and the second two days later.

Covid-19 Kitchen guidelines:

1. Wear face coverings at all times

2. Try to keep 2m apart from each other

3. When passing in the kitchen and you can't maintain 2m, do so back to back

4. Wash your hand regularly throughout your shift for a minimum of 20 seconds

5. Do your lateral flow test twice per week and upload results onto the Scottish Government website

6. If you have Covid-19 symptoms stay at home and book a test.

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Don't face cancer alone - free awareness raising sessions

MacMillan Cancer Support

Did you know that Macmillan Cancer Support, the council (including Glasgow Life)  - work in partnership to provide free cancer support services in Glasgow?

You are invited to join Macmillan at Glasgow Libraries, Improving the Cancer Journey and the Long-Term Conditions and Macmillan Service at Glasgow City Council to explore the emotional, physical, practical and financial support on offer in the city. The 45 minute session will be conducted on Microsoft Teams.

Glasgow Libraries logo

Our services support anyone who has been affected by cancer including carers, family and friends. No one should have to face cancer alone at any stage of their unique journey. 

What's involved

During the 45-minute awareness session you will find out:

  • who we can support - including staff and their families 
  • where and how we do it - including an understanding of our Holistic approach 
  • what type of support you can expect from each service and how we come together
  • who are our referral partners - over 200 services
  • support available for managers or colleagues who are supporting someone affected by cancer
  • the impact our support can have - storytelling.

Dates and times of session and how to join

Sessions for council family staff will take place on:

  • Thursday 25 February at 11am

  • Wednesday 3 March at 2pm

  • Tuesday 9 March at  12:30pm

To sign up:

  • Please email  - with your name, job title and Service or ALEO.

  • Please note that spaces are limited and will be given on a first come first serve basis.

If you are unable to attend these sessions, please do not hesitate to contact the service directly. Details can be found on our website here or on Connect here.

ICJ logo

Gaelic Skills Survey - have your say

Gaelic Survey

The corporate Gaelic Development team invites you to complete the council's 2021 Gaelic skills survey.

The aim of the survey is to find out how many council family employees can speak, read, write or understand Gaelic. Your support will help the team develop new opportunities to increase Gaelic awareness and to learn and use the language.

Gaelic Development Officer. Donald MacPhee said:  "Feedback from our previous staff surveys was very positive and helped us produce three Gaelic Language Plans since 2009. The results of this survey will be the starting point for the next Gaelic Plan from 2023 to 2027.

"More and more people want to learn Gaelic and to find out more about our Gaelic heritage, culture and arts. It's important we understand what our staff know about Gaelic and work together across the council family to improve the Gaelic service that we offer.

"The more we know about staff skills and interests the better we can develop initiatives to get more people in the city, including our own staff, involved in championing the understanding and use of Gaelic."

Donald added: "Glasgow has a national reputation for delivering high quality Gaelic medium education (GME). Our Education staff do a brilliant job. The benefits of GME are well recognised and we now have over 1300 children and young people learning across three GME nurseries, three primary schools and a fourth being planned, as well as a Gaelic secondary school, Àrdsgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu.

"We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to share in the success of Gaelic in Glasgow. The council works closely with Glasgow Life and a range of community organisations to provide learning opportunities and to deliver the Gaelic Arts strategy. We delivered a hugely successful and enjoyable Royal National Mod in 2019, raised the profile of Gaelic in the city, and contributed around £4m to the local economy. 

"We now want to encourage staff from across the council family to get involved in Gaelic learning, arts and language development. By completing our survey, staff can help deliver our plans to achieve this."

Glasgow is home to over 10% of Gaelic speakers, the largest percentage outside of the Western Isles and the Highlands. It is the largest centre of Gaelic culture in mainland Scotland and is known as Baile Mòr nan Gàidheal, the City of the Gaels.

How to take survey

Please help the Gaelic Development team by completing the survey which you can access here

Submissions must be made by Wednesday 3 March

More information

You can view the council's Gaelic Plan here

Friday 12 February 2021

Introduction of Testing Programme in schools to help reduce the spread of the virus

Guidance for the issue and use of Home Testing Kits - Lateral Flow Device

Catering and FM Senior Management have been in discussions with Education Services and agreed that we will fall in line with the process which will be led by the Head Teacher of each Establishment.

This detailed note provides you with the necessary information about the Schools Testing Programme, which is being put in place as part of the package of coronavirus risk reduction mitigations in schools across Scotland, along with the other protective measures we are collectively implementing, regular testing of staff will further reduce the risk of spread of the virus in the school environment by helping to identify asymptomatic individuals in school environments at the earliest possible opportunity.

The regular testing is open to all school staff including Catering and FM staff who are regularly attending the school premises.

Do I have to take part?

Testing is voluntary. You will notbe prevented from coming to work if you do not wish to participate however, we are strongly encouraging all staff to participate wherever possible, in order to contribute to the wellbeing of the school community.

You will be provided with a consent form when you are on duty week commencing 22 February and if you wish to take part then you should carefully read the privacy notice associated with the consent form, this should then be completed, signed and returned to the school office.

What will the testing involve?

All schools are being provided with a supply of Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test kits for use at home. You will receive a supply of these test kits to take home, together with the 'Instructions for Use'. Each staff member will be asked to sign for these in a log at the point of handover. Completion of this test kit log is a regulatory requirement.

We will then ask you to test regularly at home, twice a week (every three to four days, ideally in the morning before school), to fit with work patterns and leave requirements; for example, Monday and Thursday. Staff may continue to test whilst on annual leave of longer than a week, but it is not a requirement.

The LFDs supplied do not require laboratory processing and can provide a quick result in around 30 minutes. Comprehensive guidance on conducting self-testing is contained in the 'Instructions for Use' leaflet which will be provided with the test kit.

The school will provide you with the most up to date Instructions along with your test kits. You should ensure you use these, and not the ones that are pre-packaged in the test kits. There is also a useful video to show you how to administer the test, available here: Step by step guide to COVID-19 self-testing - YouTube.

Once the test has been conducted you must log the test result - whether positive or negative - online at Tests are free of charge and will be provided by the school.

NB:It is important to note that this regular testing is onlyfor individuals without symptoms. Those with symptoms must continue to follow the usual guidance. They mustself-isolate and book a PCR test at a test centre or via a home test kit at the earliest opportunity. People with symptoms must not rely on a negative LFD result to continue to attend school.

NB:A negative test result must not be taken as leave to relax or ignore physical distancing or other measures intended to reduce transmission - testing is an additional intervention that contributes to reducing risk.

When does this start?

Staff can collect their test kits from the school whilst on duty week commencing 22 Feb and the testing should then begin as soon as possible thereafter.

Please ensure you observe physical distancing and wear face coverings when attending for these purposes.

We will continue to support and communicate with you as we implement this programme.

Please speak with your manager if you have any questions. In the meantime, some Frequently Asked Questions can be found below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know how to use the tests?

The school will provide those participating with the most up to date Instructions along with their test kits. Participants will be asked to ensure they use these, and not the ones that are pre- packaged in the test kits.

The Instructions set out clearly how to use the test kits, or how to support someone to do so. They also provide a number to call if there are any problems with the test kits.

Are the tests safe and accurate?

LFD tests have been widely and successfully used to detect COVID-19 in asymptomatic individuals. No test is perfect, but the speed and convenience of LFD tests supports detection of the virus in asymptomatic individuals who would not otherwise be tested. They are clinically approved and are crucial in the fight against the virus. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has authorised the use of these at-home tests for these purposes.

LFD tests are very accurate, which means that only a very small proportion of people who do not have coronavirus will receive a positive result (false positive). The tests are better at picking up true positive cases when a person has a higher viral load and is more contagious. There is a risk of returning a false negative result when viral loads are low (e.g. in the early stages of infection). This is why Public Health Scotland recommend two LFD tests 3 to 4 days apart, or regular testing, to enhance detection by picking up any cases which were not detected during the first test and to catch any new infections.

If you test positive using an LFD, it is likely that you are infectious at that moment, whereas people testing positive on a 'Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)' test could be in the less infectious early or late stages of disease. This means that by using the LFD, we can identify people with a high viral load who are the most likely to spread the virus further.

What to do if you have issues with the test

Any incidents that could potentially impact the quality or safety of testing should be reported to the MHRA.

For incidents occurring in a home setting, please report any issues (for example: something damaged, or missing or difficult to use in the kit, you are unable to log result) to 0300 303 2713.

If there is a clinical incident which led to, or has the potential for, harm (e.g. swab breaks in the mouth, bleeding, allergic reaction on using the kit etc.) please report it on

This is not for seeking immediate medical care. Medical care should be sought through the usual route of contacting 111 or 999.

What happens if I test positive?

If you receive a positive result on your Lateral Flow Device at home, you should report the result online at, self-isolate and book a confirmatory PCR test. This can be done via would advise visiting a community or drive- through test site as this is the quickest way to get tested, or you can order a home test kit.

It is important that you begin self-isolation immediately after you receive the positive result from the LFD test, do not wait until the result of your PCR test.

What happens if I test negative?

You should report the result online at Staff who test negative will be able to remain on site and resume their activities as normal. If you have any issues with reporting this online then please contact your manager or the school office who will assist.

What happens if the test result is "void"?

This means the test has not run correctly. You should report the result online at covid19-result. You need to take another test. Use a new test kit, and do not reuse anything from the first kit.

What if I have been in close contact with someone who tests positive?

If a pupil or member of staff has tested positive, they will have to self-isolate as per government guidelines. The pupil or member of staff should also inform the school of their absence and are strongly encouraged to report a positive case to their school to support contact tracing activities. Catering & FM also have a contact tracing process and this will be applied when we are made aware of a positive case.

Test and Protect and/or the above team will get in contact with staff members and pupils who were in close contact with a positive case to inform them that they need to self-isolate.

What if I develop symptoms?

This testing programme at school is for people with no symptoms. If you develop symptoms at any time (such as a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; or a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste) you must immediately self-isolate, and book a PCR test by calling 0800 028 2816 or visiting People with symptoms must not rely on a negative LFD result to continue to attend school.

Thank you for your support with this programme.

Senior Management Team

Catering and FM


Wednesday 27 January 2021

Time to Talk - Monday 1 to Friday 5 February

Time to Talk Day is a national campaign which takes place in February each year. It is organised by See Me, Scotland's national programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. In partnership with See Me, we are committed to supporting the mental health of our staff and providing the appropriate support routes to aid wellbeing.

Managers' are being asked to actively support and encourage staff to get involved and take time to talk.

Get involved

Although Time to Talk Day is 4 February, due to current restrictions we are inviting you to set aside time to connect with a colleague. We would like staff to get involved in taking time out for 'a cuppa and a chat' with one another across the full week from Monday 1 February. You can do this virtually, over the phone or socially distanced.

'Time to Talk' is about the power of small conversations regarding mental health- to get everyone talking and help end the stigma around it. Every little conversation has the power to make a big difference.

The most important thing is to chat and help break down barriers and reduce stigma around mental health.

So grab a cuppa, relax and get connected.

Visit our support pages for additional campaign resources and things you can get involved with.

Further health and wellbeing support  -  Visit our health and wellbeing staff support section on our website:


Scottish Child Payment - is now open for applications

Scottish Child Payment is a new benefit for families who are in receipt of certain benefits as shown below. It offers you £40 every four weeks, for each child under six years old - to help you towards the cost of caring for your child.

This new benefit scheme starts on Monday 15 February 2021 but applications are now open. To apply you need to be in receipt of Child Tax Credit, Income Support, Pension Credit, Working Tax Credit, Universal Credit, Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA), income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and your child needs to be under six years old on 15 February 2021.

Scottish Child Payment will not be taken into account for UK benefit and tax credit assessments and there is no cap on the amount of children this payment can support.

For more information and to make an application

  • phone the free helpline number on 0800 182 2222

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Message from Martin Booth, Executive Director of Finance - Welcome to Financial Services

To All Colleagues in Catering & FM and Encore

Dear Colleague

As you are aware, your service area will be transferred to Financial Services as part of the council family review and I would like to take this early opportunity to tell you how much I am looking forward to you joining the team and reassure you of continuity and a smooth transition to Financial Services.  

The essential services which you deliver are very well recognised by everyone across the council family. Additionally, throughout the time since March I have heard so much about the flexibility, commitment and personal efforts made by so very many of you during this difficult time.  Your senior managers have already stressed to me the variety of outstanding examples they have seen through your day to day efforts to continue to support the council and city.

As we look forward, we all know that there will be many challenges and pressures as we work through and tackle the pandemic.  But may I assure you of my personal commitment, and that of your senior leadership team, to ensure a smooth transition as we work together to support all our clients and continue to deliver the services which are more essential than ever.

With kind regards


Martin Booth

Executive Director of Finance

Thursday 7 January 2021

Please read the following messages about the Scottish Government - new stay at home restrictions:

  • Update from Catering and FM Senior Management
  • Update from our Chief Executive, Annemarie O'Donnell

Update from Catering and FM Senior Management

Further to the note below from our Chief Executive, Annemarie O'Donnell, all of our Senior Management Team would like to wish you a Happy New Year.

As Annemarie states in her message the services we deliver for the city are essential and the people of Glasgow rely on us. Your commitment and support in delivering for Catering and FM is really appreciated.

We wanted to further highlight a couple of the key points in the message. Firstly, it is very important that if you do receive communication from the Chief Medical Officer that you should shield, then it is important you do not go out to work. Whilst a low percentage of our workforce can work from home I realise for many of you this is not possible however you should stay at home until these restrictions ease and please remember anyone not at work for this reason won't be counted as sick leave.

Secondly, as a key worker we realise the challenges some of you may have with childcare responsibilities. There will be an opportunity to discuss this with your local Education establishment who may be able to offer support however, should you continue to have any difficulties please speak with your line manager who will offer support and flexibility.

The final message today is to remind you of our timelines in processing additional hours. We are always grateful to you for volunteering for additional hours and with this in mind we want to ensure that these hours are processed as quickly as possible to ensure this is applied to your pay. You will see a table below with the deadlines for the four weekly pay periods up to March pay dates. We will also provide pay deadline dates from April onwards when these are known. Please be mindful of these dates so that you are aware of when you can expect to be paid for these hours.

Thank you again for your continued support.

Catering and FM Senior Management

Submission deadline dates for additional hours

Pay Date   

Overtime sheet to be given to manager by -


9 Feb 2021

Friday 22 January


9 Mar 2021

Friday 19 February



Update from our Chief Executive, Annemarie O'Donnell

Scottish Government update - stay at home


Firstly, I hope you enjoyed a break over the festive period and took some time to look after yourself and your loved ones. Despite the extreme circumstances that we once again find ourselves living under, I want to wish you all a happy new year. This new variant of the virus has delivered a massive blow to our lives but as we look towards Spring, we can see an end in sight with the vaccination programme and I hope that life can return to some kind of normal for all of us in 2021. I urge you all to take up the vaccination when it's offered to you, it's the route out of these restrictions.

By now you will all be considering how the First Minister's recent announcement affects you both personally and from a work point of view. I want to give you an update about how this affects you at work and remind you that we're all being asked to play our part by staying at home as much as possible. I know this is difficult but by law, in a Level 4 area, you can only leave your home for essential purposes.

You'll find this latest stay at home guidance here.

I know that I've said this many times now but the services we deliver for the city are essential and the people of Glasgow rely on us.

Most of you who are currently working outside your home can continue to do so including travelling between council areas, if need be.

The exception to this is people who are shielding. If you were previously shielding then it's likely that you'll receive a letter from the Chief Medical Officer to ask you to do this again, if you are in this category then you should not go out to work but work from home where this is practical. This won't be counted as sick leave.

Generally, these new rules will not change which groups of staff work from home or which staff are needed at their workplace. Along with your manager, you should be keeping the work that you do and your attendance at your workplace under review to make sure that if you are able to work from home you do that.

If you have any concerns about coming to work, then you can complete an individual risk assessment with your line manager to look at the specific risk of Covid-19 in workplace for individuals. This is in addition to the workplace risk assessments that are already in place.

If you can work from home, then you should do so where this is practical. If you are in any doubt about this then you should discuss this with your line manager. If you are part of a team which generally works from home, but you have been going to your place of work then please take the time to consider with your manager whether this remains appropriate or whether you could work completely from home for the rest of the month. Remember, you also need to consider your health and safety at home and follow the guidance that's already been published at This includes advice and support for everyone's well-being.

If you work in Education Services, then you will receive separate guidance about any changes to how you carry out your job.

If you need to go out to work and have childcare responsibilities that can't be accommodated in any other way, including discussing possible flexible working arrangements with your line manager, then you should contact your normal education establishment to discuss any support they can offer for your child's attendance for in school/early years learning from 11 January.

It's so important to keep taking all the precautions you can to stop the spread of the virus and keep yourself and Glasgow's citizens safe. Everyone needs to stay two metres apart, wear a facing covering in indoor communal areas and public transport, avoid car sharing and keep washing your hands or use the hand sanitiser provided.

If you have symptoms then don't come to work, book a test and self-isolate immediately. Everyone will continue to be paid if they need to self-isolate and this won't be recorded as sick leave.

I know it'll be difficult to get through the next few weeks back under these tougher restrictions but please play your part for your family, your community, the city and the services of the NHS - we want to make sure their services are there for everyone who needs them.

We can get through this if we stick with the rules so we can start to recover from this devastating virus post vaccination and hopefully enjoy a summer in the city. There are many things to look forward to including the first-class sporting events still in the planning, headlining concerts rescheduled from last year and of course maybe the best of all, simply being able to meet a group of friends for a day out in the city's many fabulous eateries and shops.

Don't lose sight of the end to this pandemic.

Annemarie O'Donnell

Chief Executive

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