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Private Lane Toolkit

A private lane toolkit has been launched by Glasgow City Council (GCC) to help residents and owners understand more about the ownership and maintenance responsibilities of any adjoining lanes to their property.

This toolkit was designed to assist residents in working together to problem solve their common concerns and maintaining safe and clean spaces which can be developed into a positive space.

Do you know if the lane connected to your property is private or public?

Do you know the correct way to dispose of your household waste and bulky items?

Are you planning to make any environmental improvements within your private lane?

You can find more information and advice on how to check ownership, how to deal with common lane issues, get advice on how to encourage your neighbours to get involved to make any required improvements and information on your waste processes through the Private Lane Toolkit.

There are 931 private lanes in Glasgow City, excluding the city centre, and while GCC is under no obligation to carry out repairs, maintenance or street cleansing in private lanes, we will work with active resident groups to support any environmental clean ups. The responsibility of keeping this area free of obstructions lies with the owners and residents. GCC carries out the statutory duty of removing your domestic waste within the appropriate bins provided.


In 2021 a fund of £700k was established to further support owners of private lanes to improve the overall environmental quality of these shared spaces.

The Private Lane Improvement Fund will allow constituted groups to apply for £1000 to £20,000 for interventions which may address common issues identified in the private lane strategy such as

  • Fly tipping         
  • Trees vegetation Lane Surface/ Drainage                           
  • Antisocial behaviour/ security                 
  • Food Growing                 
  • Enhanced Biodiversity   
  • Active travel     

Applications for funding is currently closed. Further funding windows are expected throughout the year.

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