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Troubleshooting your IT problems working at home

As we continue to refresh the council's computers and more staff receive a new Windows 10 laptop, a few common problems have been identified. CGI are working in the background to resolve these issues. In the meantime, you can use the frequently asked questions and answers together with the support guides to help you solve some of the problems you are experiencing working at home.

If you are experiencing the problems below that have a workaround below then please only call the CGI helpdesk if you've tried the solutions and they haven't worked. If you experience any other problems then you can continue to contact CGI by phone, email or web chat. 

Your questions and answers

Q: My connection to the council's network keeps dropping out, what can I do to resolve this?

  • You can follow the simple instructions in this guide to help restore your connection every time this happens. We know this is frustrating when you're working at home and CGI are aware of the problems and are working in the background to resolve this. Please use the trouble shooting guide and don't phone the CGI helpdesk. We will keep you updated when this problem is resolved.

word icon Restart the Windows 10 device [5Mb]

Q: I can't attach documents from EDRMS in emails because there is no Enterprise Connect function?

  • You can reinstall this function by following the guide. This is a known problem and a should be resolved soon.  In the meantime, you can use this manual workaround but be aware that you maybe need to do this more than once.

word icon Enable Enterprise Connect Outlook Plugin [217kb]

Q: I've recently picked up a new computer and I don't have the same internet permissions and I can't access certain sites that I need to do my job, how do I restore my access?

  • If you notice a change to your internet permissions log a call the CGI Service Desk (email or call 0141 287 4000), request your internet permission levels are checked and reset to the correct levels you already have access to.

Q: I need higher internet permissions than I did before as part of my job, how do I request this access?

  • If you require new access, complete a user access form, your line manager can authorise up to and including level three, above level three must be sent to

Q: I've got three internet browsers, which one should I use for the best experience?   

There are three browsers available on your W10 device:

  • Google Chrome is the new default browser and you should try to use this as much as possible.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) is visible on your desktop and allows you seamless access to EDRMS, this browser was retained to provide you with an easier way to access your files in EDRMS. When you use google chrome the browser will automatically take you to IE to access EDRMS.
  • MS Edge is on your device as it forms part of the M365 suite and part of the licence we use, however, you should continue to use google chrome in the meantime as your default browser

Q: If I use Internet Explorer on my desktop to access EDRMS, I can't open some documents on the website?

  •  You need to use google chrome for the best experience so open google chrome browser to access other documents.

Q: How do I add a shared mailbox in Outlook?

Q: I have received my new W10 device and some of my applications are missing?

  • The email you received to confirm your deployment session would have included a list of all the applications you were due to receive:

For Information the W10 Base or corporate build includes:

  •        Office 365 ProPlus (Word, Excel, Full PowerPoint, OneNote)
  •        EDRMS
  •        Bolden James Classifier
  •        Google Chrome
  •        Internet Explorer
  •        SAP MyPortal
  •        Microsoft Teams

If you find you are missing one of your key applications that you expected to receive at deployment, do not contact the CGI service Desk immediately. Follow this process:

  • The application may take up to 24 hours to appear on your desktop, allow this time and check for the app.
  • If the app has still not appeared and you think it is a missing app from your deployment, you should contact one of the mailboxes shown below.
  • Always include your computer Asset Number and Network Login ID.
  • CGI will respond to your email in due course and take necessary action to make your application available.  

Some applications will be deployed to your device later. Your service champion below will keep you informed of these arrangements.

Refresh Service Champion(S)

Service Team

Peter Climie / Gary Hurr

Chief Executive's Department

Mick Wilkinson

City Property (ALEO)

Angela McGraw

Clyde Gateway

Mandie Running

Education Services (HQ)

Nicky Rossiter

Education Schools Network

Linsey Robinson

Financial Services (CBS)

Willie McFarlane

Financial Services (Corporate)

Michael Harvey / David Eccles

Glasgow Life

Health & Social Care Partnership

Duncan Reid

Jobs & Business Glasgow

Andy Torrance BP NRS
(ex DRS Teams) - Pauline McGillivray / Grant Couper / Maria Quintas Zon / Pauline Devlin
(ex NS Teams)   - Linsey Robinson


To make sure you have access to all the applications you need, interim arrangements are in place:

  • you will be advised to keep your W7 or W8 device a little longer to make sure you still have access to all the applications
  • you will be provided with temporary access to remotely connect to your current desktop computer while using your new W10 device.

Q: I have lost access to some of my drives, how do I remap these?

  • There are two guides to help you do this, read the guides below for help:

word icon How to map a network drive (T: Drive) [292kb]

word icon How to recover network drives [32kb]

If the guidance fails to restore your drive(s), contact the service desk, advise you have tried to remap yourself using the guidance and now seek further technical assistance.

Q: I have lost macro settings, how do I get these restored?

  • All macro requirements should be recorded by CGI during the W10 Refresh Programme data validation process, allow three days for all macros to be enabled.  If you notice you don't have the same settings, log a call with the Service Desk.

Q: An application I use is running very slowly, what can I do about this?

  • If you're using the following applications, you may experience slower than usual performance when you are working at home. CGI are aware of these issues and are working to resolve the problems. If your problem relates to another application, then you should contact the service desk as normal. 
Permit Gateway / Parking Gateway

Q. I have a problem editing files in EDRMS and I am receiving the message - returning to WebDav, what can I do?

  • If you are experiencing this problem then you need to follow the workaround in the guide below.  CGI are aware of this issue it will be resolved in the next EDRMS upgrade.

word icon WebDav issue [138kb]

Q. How do I activate Microsoft Office?

To activate MSOffice follow these steps - word icon HOW TO - Activate Microsoft Office [91kb]

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