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Glasgow City Council

Digital Glasgow Board

The Digital Glasgow Board oversees the development and implementation of the Digital Glasgow Strategy.

Board Membership

The members of the Digital Glasgow Board are;


The role of the Digital Glagow Board is to;

1. To provide strategic leadership, engage with elected members, council officers and other relevant stakeholders as the Board sees fit, to develop the Digital Glasgow Strategy;

a. This strategy and associated action plan will then be submitted to the City Administration Committee, and the relevant City Policy Committees, for agreement.

b. The Board will ensure that there is sufficient evidence collected to allow this Council to perform its scrutiny function in the implementation of the action plan, and will provide further reports to the City Administration Committee.

c. The Board will work on a cross-cutting basis with the relevant City Policy Committees, Conveners, services, ALEOs and the City Administration Committee to review and assess the implementation of the Digital Glasgow Strategy.

d. The Board will ensure that the application of digital technology is scrutinised in terms of protecting privacy, security of systems and data, equality, and, for non-personal data, promoting openness and transparency

e. The Digital Glasgow Strategy will include:

i. Maximising the opportunities presented by digital technology to empower communities and citizens, transform public services, further digital inclusion, so as to promote inclusive economic growth, deliver broader improved outcomes for citizens and, fulfil other priorities laid out in the Council's strategic plan.

ii. Identified priorities for investment in digital assets across the Council family, and work to ensure that these investments are scalable, resilient, reliable, and secure and comply with legislation.

iii. Identified priorities for investment in digital infrastructure across the City to enable and promote greater investment into the City.

2. To provide regular assessment of the potential opportunities presented by digital technology, outwith those presented in the Strategy document;

a. recommend ways that this Council may exploit those opportunities,

b. And present those recommendations for agreement to the relevant City Policy Committee and/or, if necessary, the City Administration Committee.

3. To identify and recommend opportunities to attract digital investment to the city.

4. To provide leadership and forward thinking approaches to develop partnership working across the Council family, within the wider Glasgow community, and outwith the city's boundaries.

5. To provide oversight of marketing and promotion of Glasgow's digital ambitions and achievements.

6. To establish Working Groups as deemed appropriate, and for a limited time period, in order to take forward specific pieces of policy review or development which will then be reported back to a full meeting of the Board, the relevant City Policy Committees of this Council and then, if appropriate, the City Administration Committee.


Papers presented to the Digital Glasgow Board are published here.


22nd February 2021

Board Schedule

The schedule for the meetings of the Digital Glasgow Board for 2021 is as follows;

22nd February 2021

29th March 2021

1st July 2021

24th August 2021

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Digital Glasgow Board are available here




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