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Glasgow City Council

Bus Priority Rapid Deployment Fund: Projects Delivered/Underway

Bus Priority Rapid Deployment funding from Transport Scotland will see a series of measures implemented to give priority to buses at key points across Glasgow's road network. It is intended that the temporary infrastructure, which will include bus lanes and upgrades to road traffic signals, will improve journey times and the reliability of bus services which will benefit those requiring to using public transport during COVID-19, and encourage a shift to more sustainable transport options as pandemic restrictions ease. 


Details of Projects Delivered/Work Underway

City Centre:

Bothwell Street between Douglas St and Wellington St

Renfrew Street between Cambridge St and Hope St



Paisley Rd West between Dumbreck Rd and Bellahouston Dr (W)

Paisley Rd West between Helen St and Dumbreck Rd (E)

Barrhead Road between Peat Road and Crookston Road (E & W)

Springburn Road between Atlas Road and Petershill Road, and Springburn Road between Fountainwell Road and Charles Street (S) 

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