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Secure On-Street Cycle Parking


We recognise that the lack of cycle storage at home is a significant barrier to everyday cycling. This is a particular problem in flatted and tenement type properties. To overcome this barrier, we have introduced residential pay for use cycle storage facilities across Glasgow. This has now seen the installation of 201 units, each with capacity to store 6 bicycles, providing 786 storage spaces across the city.

The units are at street level to minimise the amount of bicycle carrying you have to do. Most of the units are placed on the road in accordance with the Government's "Designing Streets" policy statement and will displace car parking spaces by approximately half a car length. This will minimise the impact on pedestrians and the introduction of objects that may be visually dominant within the street scape, obstruct visibility or create blind spots. Where necessary, the shelters may be placed on the footway where they will not impede walking or wheeling.

The facility is provided by Cyclehoop Rentals Ltd who supply, manage, and maintain the shelters. Whilst the cost of the shelters represents a significant capital investment by Glasgow City Council, the ongoing running cost of the scheme is covered by the revenue generated by the rental of the spaces which is £1.38 per week or £72 per year. GCC Technical Services is working closely with Housing Associations to discuss supporting this rental cost, in part or in full, to alleviate the cost of rental to those who may require financial assistance.

Following our report to the Environment, Sustainability & Carbon Reduction City Policy Committee on the 7th of March, we have committed to further expansion of the scheme.

The report is available here.

To inform this expansion, you can request a new location on the Cyclehoop Rental website. You can also use this link to search for a unit close to your home and apply to book a space.

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